Lifebane Zombie - M14 Spoiler

Lifebane Zombie

  • Color: Black
  • Type: Creature - Zombie
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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When Lifebane Zombie enters the battlefield, target opponent reveals his or her hand. You choose a green or white creature card from it and exile that card.

  • LeonFA

    Hey Thragtusk. Hey Restoration Angel. Hey Silverblade Paladin. Hey Obzedat. Hey Sin Collector. Hey Geist of Saint Traft. Hey Angel of Serenity. Hey extra Voice of Resurgence in hand because he comes out a turn sooner than this. Get lost.

    • Joshua McTiernan

      Not to mention those pesky Shinx’s Rev!

      • BAM

        It has to be a creature card, unfortunately :p

        • William S. Miller

          too bad I like mono green in response to him I cast savage summoning and send out a important creature. . .

          • Zombie

            If you’re playing mono green, and your hand gets hit by Lifebane Zombie turn 3, and you cast Savage Summoning in response, assuming you’re on the draw or didn’t play anything turn 3 on the play…

            Have fun casting that Kalonian Tusker at instant speed, man. Pro Strats featuring William S. Miller.

          • William S. Miller

            comes out as a 4/4 so why not?

          • jeremysclone

            OH NO! A turn 3 4/4 that can’t be countered! The likes of which have never been seen!

          • Zombie

            I just want you to know, that if you cast Savage Summoning for your Kalonian Tusker in response to my Lifebane Zombie, and you have any other Green creature in your hand, you just caused yourself to be 3- for- 0’ed.

            And then I eat 4 from your Kalonian Tusker, kill it on my next turn, and you’re 4 cards down for my 4 life.

            Not counting any land you drop. Your little response could cause my Lifebane Zombie to nuke your entire hand for 1BB and 4 life from your Tusker Swinging, immediately followed by you losing, because you’re playing off the top of your deck turn 4 in Mono Green.

        • Joshua McTiernan

          Ah shucks!

          • Zombie

            If Lifebane Zombie hit non- creature spells as well, I’m pretty sure it would instantly be $15+ the moment it hit pre- order.

            Hitting Green or White anything in the hand with a 3/1 Intimidate Zombie that’s swinging for 4 + Other post- Lord- drop turn 4 would be absolutely disgusting.

            As a frequent Zombie player in Legacy, Modern, AND Standard (hence the name), I wouldn’t hesitate to run 3-4 Lifebanes in the sideboard in any deck if it did that.

            Even now I’m still considering 2 in my Modern build SB for tech against Zoo, among others.

    • William S. Miller

      silverblades not the real evil in boros. . .kessig malcontents anyone? him + one card “cloudshift” or “feind hunter”. . .

    • William S. Miller

      you also forgot he hits boros reconer. . .

  • CodyGozRawr

    Wow i feel like some of these newer cards should have been the RTR block, you got some anti selesnya, some anti dimir, and some anti gruul, and that’s just so far

  • Zombie

    Super Secret Sideboard tech for Zombies against Zoo and friends?

    That also has Intimidate, while getting pumped up by my Lords?

    Sign me up. 3 or 4 please.

    • Steven Bryant

      don’t take what I’m about to say bad because I’m only joking with you but I think this is the first card I’ve seen you say something nice about it lol

      • Zombie

        I do say nice things about cards on occasion, problem is, most of the previewed cards for M14 have been pretty atrocious.

        From a former competitive player’s standpoint, the set is actually quite disappointing. It doesn’t contribute that much to Standard at all.

        • GRUULman

          Define an “Atrocious card” please.

          • Zombie

            Something that has no business being played, no matter the format, the two exceptions being Casual and Beginner.

            A few examples from M14: Encroaching Wastes, Haunted Plate Mail, Trollhide.

          • GRUULman

            I see.

          • Zane Dufour

            Umm… Lifebane zombie, Young pyromancer, scavenging ooze, strionic resonator. (although i may be slipping that last one in prematurely, i think that it will find a home in jund, aka LOL THRAGTUSK 10 life and 2 beast tokens)

          • Zombie

            Waiting to play your Thragtusk till turn 7 to gain 10 life is stupid. You could easily be killed while you wait.

            Life- gain oriented decks or combos generally fall flat on their face because they just don’t have the power to stop their opponent from taking them to 0 faster than they can gain life.

            And yes, I’m aware there are SOME cards in M14 that are Standard, even Modern playable in a few cases, I’m not at all impressed with the other cards in the set, the vast majority of it.

            It’s been a while since a Core Set contributed as much to the game as the Titans. Now, I don’t want them to be reprinted, but a Core Set that impacted multiple formats on a similar scale, whether through power or quantity, would be nice.

    • GRUULman

      “I’m sure someone will make it work somewhere. But it basically has
      Skylasher Syndrome. It hates on one or two extremely specific things so
      much that it really doesn’t see much play, because it’s too linear.”

      “I just don’t see it being relevant in Constructed standard.”

      • Zombie

        Notice the part where I said it’s too specific for Standard.

        Naya Zoo is not Standard. Hand attack, however specific, is always relevant in Modern, the format I’m actually referring to in my post about Lifebane Zombie.

        Maybe if you took two seconds to realize there are no Zombie “Lords” in Standard, you would haven’t taken my post out of context thinking you were some how going to discredit it.

        • GRUULman

          I know “Zoo” is not standard, for I have never heard it at my FNM or read it until I read your comment.

          My mistake.

          If I am correct about a “Lord” meaning a creature that somehow gives bonuses to your other creatures, such as power or toughness or abilities and whatnot, wouldn’t Diregraf Captain be a zombie Lord in standard?

          • Zombie

            Diregraf Captain is basically a Pseudo Lord, mostly because he almost never sees play due to the Blue in his mana cost.

            They can only be played in Grimgrin decks, and as such are not true “Lords” that are cast off the single main color, able to fit in every tribal deck of their respective type, and still provide the stat line benefit.

            The true Zombie “Lords” are Lord of the Undead, Undead Warchief, and Cemetery Reaper. They fit in literally any Modern Zombie build.

        • Zane Dufour

          Umm… this hoses MANY of the top decks. Just to name a few, junk, jund, UWR midrange, naya midrange. It also isn’t awful against most of the aggro decks, although a reckoner would work better most of the time.

          • Zombie

            It really doesn’t. Not in Standard.

            Competitive Standard builds are far too fast- paced, stream- lined, and consistent for most single- target Hand Attack to affect games too greatly.

            Why do you think players are beginning to shy away from cards like Sin Collector? It’s Hand Attack, it’s on a body, but it just doesn’t get there enough of the time.

  • Tyrannödle Kung

    Only the red one left to be shown. I wonder if that one will deal damage to blue and white creatures somehow?

  • Sean Mclorie

    im liking this tech cycle

  • Matt Stone

    This guy could be trouble.