• Melissa Juice

    Always loved this card. Do wish it got new art, though.

    • Kahai

      I too desired a new art to go with the fancy foiling these cards get.

      Doesn’t change the fact i will be getting a playset of this beauty. Thankfully, the rest of the community doesn’t regard this card very highly. Good for my wallet. :D

  • BobTheTitan

    Disappointed that this is in FTV Angels… just got reprinted in the dual decks

    • Kahai

      This may not have been the first multicolored angel, but it certainly was the first three color, and the first to leave black out of the multicolor mix.

      This was also one of the cheapest creatures with those stats until very recently. Hell the only thing better with those keywords was Akroma herself, at twice the price manawise.

      • Happy The Cat

        … my akroma costs three mana and a reanimate…

  • Kameenook

    Alright, right after the duel decks? And Mantis Rider?

    • Happy The Cat

      well, it was this or archangel and this was more colors

  • Jaime Hubster


  • Derek Niles


    • Derek Niles

      In all seriousness I love this card and am happy to see it on here but really this could use some new art, especially after just being in a duel deck, this needed something about it to refresh the card. Even new flavor text would be great

      • Kahai

        At least we get a RK Post card in awesome foil! :D

        And this is the first Post art in FtV foil. :D