• Grant Jacobson

    in a pirate heavy deck this card should be able to do about 2 damage a turn while maintaining a hefty blocker (tap for damage, play pirate, leave this up for blocks then at the end of your opponents turn tap for damage) the question then becomes is that good enough?

  • ColorCaptain

    They just print something like this in every set now huh?

  • Deadly Berry

    Nice Limited card. On a sidenote, monkeys are smart in this set.
    Edit: Uhh… they are in fact goblins, don’t like.

  • mehngo

    Debating whether having this ability in Rakdos without being able to abuse the untap mechanic is worth it for a 0/5 body against aggro early.

  • Aidan23

    The card is bad but the goblins on Thisbe plane are awesome. Also does anyone know what this plane is called. Because ixilan is the name of the island.

    • Nathanael Lambert

      they are both named ixilan.

  • Justus Bruestle

    Still not seeing a reason to use red pirates.

  • Animar, Elemental Master

    blue-red Pirate Prowess??

  • magicalfollower

    Pirate Thermo-Alchemist

  • Kameenook

    I prefer lobber crew if I were to play either of them. Neat design but not really a fan.

    • Random Guy

      It’s draft chaff; thermo alchemist hurts limited so they toned it back. Same with Consulate Turret (?) in kaladesh, wall of pharaohs in Amonkhet

  • Dragoncastermaster

    a bigger bodied thermo alchemist for only 1 extra mana rejoice spell slinger enthusiasts and anyone with a rakdos lord of riots commander deck

    • Cooper Jurgen ZIlkenat

      He’s really a lot worse because he only untaps for pirate spells instead of instant and sorcery. With Alchemist you could load up on can trips to do damage. This needs you to cast creatures.