• Pacoqueiro

    Lighting Strike is back. Can’t believe I actually miss it.

  • Jude

    Baral makes this a bolt. Totally okay with it, its still not bolt in standard vut bolt is broken anyway. Happy to see you old friend

    • ScienceTheGathering

      Baral and the new Primal Amulet as well

  • Kevan Kramer

    I can’t believe I missed this card so much. Great new art and sad that is too powerful to be a common nowadays.

  • Shagoth

    I actually am willing to accept this card as the best burn again. Whatever.
    Ramunap Red might return.
    Also a blue cat might be happy.

    • Happy The Cat

      we might see a red beatdown/mid build of some sort, but I dont think that with dinos being so big that you’ll be wanting to throw away too many lands. so Ramunap might not as important to the deck.

      • Shagoth

        I doubt that this deck would want even a single dino.

        • Happy The Cat

          I… what? I’m saying you need to be able to kill other people’s dinos, not that you need to play them. So far the(2) mono red ones kinda suck. Heck, the red avatar is a glorified Punish the Enemy. maybe Sun-Crowned Hunters could make a one-of at the top end since it’s a 5/4 that spits lava spikes, but with all the better, cheaper options like Lannery, Neheb, and Pia(who’s going to get way better with all this treasure floating around) the deck has enough finishers.

          • Shagoth

            Sorry about misunderstanding that.
            I doubt the dinosaur would warp the meta game enough to warrant the namesake cards getting taken out. Honestly, Ramunap would do what it always did; try to race the opponent. Only card that would get worse with big creatures is Earthshaker Khenra imo.

  • Caleb Halbrook

    Best reprint in the last few sets… question is this or abrade

    • galen150

      abrade for control. this for basically anything else

      • Caleb Martin

        Unless you’re in an artifact heavy meta

    • Aurore

      That depends on what colors you’re playing. If the answer is “more than Red” then Abrade. #BurnLivesMatter

  • galen150

    feel like the only reason this is uncommon is for limited. sincee its a reprint, there are plenty of copies floating about so it doesnt reall matter for suply. i think they just dont want red to be able to get 4 copies of this in a draft.

    • Kaiser

      because 4 copies of this in a draft could be game in a lot of matches? XD

      • sansmyhands

        I remember an M15 draft where I had FIVE of them. It did not go well for people who weren’t me.

    • MrAptronym

      From my understanding, most of the division between common and uncommon is for limited reasons.

      • NC


  • Kaiser

    i know a cat that will be very happy with this

    • Lantern

      ? Don’t get it I’m dumb

  • Aarhg

    Man, I want to get a better look at that art.

  • Happy The Cat

    I’m so… Happy right now…
    this also means I was right about them probing with Shock to see how viably good burn would effect limited, them realizing cheap burn doesn’t ruin the game is a good thing.

    • Kaiser

      I know you will said this :V

  • Chris Tomsky

    … uh oh.

  • Dave


  • Dogmatic Hermit

    Wooh yess!!
    *Rummages through red box*
    *Laughs maniacally*

  • Is… is that a GOBLIN?!

  • Julna Buras


    Seriously though, was Ramunap Red showing up 6 times in the top 8 of ProTour not enough!?

  • Nelson Chandra

    That moment when the lightning has no effect on the lighting.

  • Darkray Accel


  • Nharzhool

    With Primal Amulet down, this is just Lightning Bolt.