Liliana of the Dark Realms - M13 Spoiler

Liliana of the Dark Realms

  • Color: Black
  • Type: Planeswalker - Liliana
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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+1: Search your library for a Swamp card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

-3: Target creature gets +X/+X or -X/-X until end of turn, where X is the number of Swamps you control.

-6: You get an emblem with “Swamps you control have ‘Tap Symbol: Add Red ManaRed ManaRed ManaRed Mana to your mana pool.'”

  • Wisdomseyes

    I don’t see anything good about this girl… except maybe if shocks are reprinted… or something along the lines of shocks. Overall, i am very sad and not impressed :/

    • someone has little to no imagination, This… this is just amazing!

      • Wisdomseyes

        Im the guy that defend tibalt on most a daily basis because he is good at looting for red based reanimator. Alongside many other grantees his +1 gives that make reason for a random discard which isnt as bad as people like to believe. 

        I have plenty of imagination. Her +1 can fetch out shock/revised lands. Her +1 will guarantee consistent land drops after turn 4. Her body as a whole, is Koth of the Hammer… for black. She is a swamp whore. She only cards about and functions with swamps, making her deck play ability very limited (like koth is for mono-red) which is a draw back. and dont say something like use her in 2 colors, because that, while might not be terribly bad, has the repercussions of not getting maximum use of her -3. 

        I like her, because she is a planeswalker. I like her because she fits the theme that the Duel Decks: Garruk vs Lilliana, lilliana deck had. I hate her, because i can’t use her effectively outside of mono black without shock lands.

        She thins your deck of land and makes consistent land drops which, is by all means amazing when you dont consider you just played a land the turn she came out. Or she is 4 mana sorcery, target creature gets +-X/+-X. If she started at 4, I would like her a lot more, getting her -3 off an still having a planeswalker to speak of. 

        • levi johnson

          she could be put into a 2 color deck has everyone forgot about urborg, tomb of yawkmoth? that land turns everyland on the field into a swamp

    • anon

      maybe not that good in standard but she will see a lot of play in casual

  • Seritho

    Badass artwork, very cool for a black deck!  I like it.

  • AndrewwRiddleMethisFelber

    ….I NEED THIS!

  • Busterswrd_maniac

    oh dear god…. land search for black -.o she’s going to see use in mono black vampire decks. i can see that now

    • right

      no she won’t mono black vampires will be aggro and won’t need that many land

      • Guest

         did you not see that they are reprinting vampire nocturnes? or are you just dim? of course this is going to be in aggro vampires!

        • Empyrean

           Vampire Nocturnus costs 4 (the same cost as this Liliana). You’re saying that because Vampire Nocturnus will be in vampire aggro, Liliana will be used to ramp mana that will hardly be necessary.

          Bottom line, your argument means nothing and you should feel ashamed.

          • Arious

            They could be saying that it would thin out your swamps- leaving a larger chance of a black card being on top of your deck.

          • HuntingWumpus

            But on the other hand, I’d feel very naughty for running anything CMC 4 in aggro unless it did something totally bad ass (Nocturus does this).  Let alone 2 sets of cards at CMC 4?  At that point it ceases to be aggro.  Liliana of the Dark Realms != Aggro and therefore she will not appear in aggro decks.

        • Bender

           Her second ability is better than her first for Vamps.  Until you tutor yourself down to about ten lands in library you’re only improving your non-swamp odds by 1% per turn.  hmmm.  So 5 turns and 4 mana and you’ve only improved the chance of not having a swamp top deck by 5 percent? That’s not the reason they made this card.  Use it that way if you want.  I’m sure mom’s kitchen countertop doesnt mind….

  • Tim

    I’m liking the idea of Black Mana Accel, but I wish it had the mana cost of Innistrad’s Liliana now. Also, any X Mana burn card says that the Ultimate is a win condition (Especially with Doubling Cube to make it as extreme overkill as possible). Though you rarely see Ultimates in use. Regardless, I like this version of Lili. :)

  • Exsanguinate, Consume Spirit, and Lashwrithe all say “hi”.

    • NoIHavent

      And now Mutilate says “hi” too. I’m glad mono-black has another way to deal with Sigarda/ Avacyn now.

  • George Zapatos

    More Shockland reprint hints right here…

  • Howlingetx3

    Why!? Just…. why!? Well, i guess it’s time to drop out of magic for a few years.

  • RebirthCity

    im gana say this because i see alot of people showing hate for the card. first mana exel has always been great with black just look at dark ritual, cabal coffers and crypt of agadeem useually these things make slow black decks faster and to great effect (ive seen it and hate these cards =( ). second its not just mana ramp! its removing mana from your deck so that you dont draw them when you dont need them. Ive seen alot of mono red and black decks that use terremorphic expanse and evolving wilds to get rid of exes mana from there decks and get to those really important decks alot faster and this liliana will do that. Also the +X / +X , -X / -X is acctualy pretty sweet it offers both a creature pump and a creature kill (say a avacn or other indestructable menace of with blacks creature kill is usless against). last the ultimat is awsome if you have Exsanguinate or even a Dark Impostor. all in all this planswalker is awsome and i want it !

    • see! this guy gets it! :D

      • Wisdomseyes

        I take it you are one who uses Koth of the hammer avidly. 

        Those aforementioned black decks use evolving wilds for the purpose of getting out land because they run to much on purpose and can take the slow down because they are maintaining game state already. Mono-black, right now, isnt viable. And just adding vampire nighthawk/noturnis doesnt make mono-black a dominating force (though WRR will rotate in Oct, so maybe then) 

        I think people are getting this backwards, so let me elaborate. She isnt viable if mono black isnt viable and nothing about her makes mono black viable so something has to be printed to make mono-black viable. 

        • Bam!FACT!!

          this game is not all about what works in type II tournaments..this card rocks, try some creativity for a change

          • Wisdomseyes

            Fine let’s be creative and look for a format this card outshines other 4 mana cards. I can’t think of any place except maybe mono black EDH.

            Also, please don’t respond if your only comment is “be creative and this card is good” or “this card is great in casual” the only reason you comment on cards is to comment on how good they are in gameplay and maybe their art. If you don’t play with the goal to win (which means you play with the goal to lose, but let’s for now just assume that means “don’t play competitively”) then don’t bash those of us that do. I don’t really care how creative you think you are. Unless mono black becomes good in standard, and this card is useful in that, it won’t see play outside of EDH (which is a maybe on even that) and even with phyrexian oblitorator mono black had issues. Mono black is losing oblitorator and gaining this? I prefer the oblit…

            Here is my “creativity”. If some cards like that new crap ghoul get printed, bu make them decent, then my opinion will change. But as it stands, there is t anything that makes me want to use this planeswalker over her 3 mana counterpart

          • Bam!FACT!!

            yea i dont even know what edh means..(i dont care about winning apparently bc people who dont want to spend the money to play standard competitively each new cycle dont understand the game enough to comment…?) but anyway your first comment seemed so smarmy with the koth thing it annoyed me..i dont care if you like the card really, it does have uses though..for the exact reasons of the original comment, that i didnt feel like reiterating originally..and she is viable in 2 color decks..bc the entire way to using her big ability she puts swamps out..if you just get 3 swamps shes mana ramped plenty for anything..and you could easily get her out on the first turn with a little luck..anyway, again..reasons to not like her i get..the koth comment just seemed so condescending…

          • Wisdomseyes

            Sorry if that seemed condesending, and this next one will seem so as well, because when you know EDH as “commander” then you know about how long one has been playing.

            I don’t play standard avidly. The only reason I look at standard is because of the exact reason you said, because people will blow money to be good by packing their decks with mythica and things that other people won with already.

            Koth is a great planeswalker for mono red. There is no mono red build that wins often enough to justify using him. And in older formats he is too much mana for what he does. Similarly, with this Lilly, there isn’t a mono black build that works right now except maybe UB zombies (blue is I one card and splashed over black/blue multi lands) and Lilly doesn’t belong in aggro decks, she serves no purpose, not in this form. She might find a place, she might not, but in standard I bet the only place she will find is a mono black control build, becaus I wouldn’t use a sourcery that says her -3 in any aggro deck, would you?

            And there is a big difference between playin to win and playin competitively. You play to win because that is the goal of the game, and I don’t care how casual you are, you don’t use dementia bat and you do use, I don’t know lillulys specter, because Lilly’s specter is better. You use cards in your deck because they are good and help you win, not because f anything else

          • GREEN MAGE

            Bam Facts is wrong, Wisdomseyes is basically right.
            That said, I’m generally happy about this planeswalker, the +1 gains card advantage and fetches mana, which is always good. I’ll definitely be putting this into my monoblack EDH deck (Toshiro), it’s not going to draw as much hate as other walkers so you’ll be able to get the +1 off several times.

            Also, playing planeswalkers in a casual, table-top deck doesn’t even really makes sense.

          • Jlawsl

            I think people aren’t looking too deeply into this card and calling it bad right off because it isn’t hyper aggressive. But, as it was already pointed out, black already has the ability to hold the opponent in check until stronger cards can be played, that and aside from blue, black can manage a good card advantage over an opponent. This card can make double strikers deal a killing blow just with a -3. The -6 makes cards like entreat and bonfire deadly even without miracle or a massive primordial(if you have the protection to keep it out). 
            I think the issue with the card lies in the fact that most people use planeswalkers as their win condition instead of support for the win condition. Personally, I think the most disappointing planeswalkers are thinks like jace, that take almost no thought to use, just sit around and mill 10 at -0. 
            I’ve been playing for a while now, and it just seems like now a days people want the combos thrown in their face, and we’ve all seen them. There are plenty of cards in standard that could benefit from this new liliana. Heck, with a card as simply as corpse trader, and three swamps, you are picking 4 cards from an opponent’s hand every turn to discard or with the same 3 mana, two critters exiled with dark imposter. This card in my mind could make simple cards win conditions(ie shades).
            Just my opinion. I think the card is a great supporting planeswalker.

          • Azraelean

            But what about vorthos?

  • Pixelplx

    i still prefer Innistrad’s Liliana over this….

  • Jfreak852

    I can see MBC becoming a thing again, with this having a slot. Just imagine. She gives you card advantage and hits your land drops, she’s a killspell, and if the game actually lasts long enough, she turns every swamp into a super-dark-rit. That’s INSANE. Black has some of the best card draw in the game, and she interacts incredibly well with the control aspect of black. I love this design.

  • Beto

    It should be Liliana, the Mana Hoarder

  • HuntingWumpus

    Black already does mana accel like a boss.  Her +1 is still good though, since it puts cards into hand, and takes swamps out of your library.  But, since she does pull lands, and it’s only a +1, her -6 (after 4 turns of surviving unscathed on the battlefield) is a moot point.  It does not swing the battle, it requires the battle to already be won to activate.  Useless.  Her -3 will only ever see play as a -x/-x to destroy a creature in dire circumstances.  To use the -3 at sorcery speed means you have to be winning the battlefield advantage already.  It could see use, but imo there are better buffs to be had in this regard.

    That leads me to conclude that she’s 100% mana ramp, and very slight card advantage (by thinning the deck of lands, though this impact is proven to be minimal unless across several turns.  Take the fast fetches for example; they do little to nothing by improving your odds of better CA).  Her impact on the various metas.. hard to predict.. I’m never good at that.. but at face value she’ll be hard pressed to remove such a tight (4 CMC) spot from my black decks.

    • HuntingWumpus

      To use the -3 *for +x/+x* at sorcery speed means you have to be winning the battlefield advantage already. 
      It could see use, but imo there are better buffs to be had in this regard.  *Still, creature removal means she protects herself, which is good.  But I’m not sure I like -3 at only 3 loyalty counters..*

    • dani

      Four Words: Army of the Damned. get your mana up then play those suckers, easy, classic, always wins. I use this card to win, all the time.

  • FunWithCyanide

    Besides the +x/+x and -x/-x counters (which I use a lot) It’s pretty much a mana ramp, just what I need. :)

  • ExoduSS

    Probably the candidate for the worst planeswalker EVER alongside Sarkhan Vol. A planeswalker whose abilities I don’t want to use even at 2 mana. Funny thing is, they made a Liliana in Dark Ascension for 3 mana wich is ten times better than this one. Just horrible

  • Savage Stalker

    Two words “Shock Lands”

  • MalikTarrant

    I’m currently working on a monoblack control deck that should do fairly well in the current standard meta (i.e. vs. delver, pod, and get ‘er dungrove, 3 of the better decks of late).  I’m currently using Sorin Markhov (yes, I know people think he’s junk because he costs 6, but he’s been pretty effective against most decks I’ve gone against, especially other black shutdown decks).  I’m considering throwing her in for a few reasons: 1. mana fetch to make sure I get to play late game bombs like Griselbrand and Harvester of Souls.  2. Even MORE board control, of which I have gross amounts, and 3.  Shuffle ability if I get a top-deck swamp with Nocturnis on the field (I sideboard from control to creature, and he’s part of that).  This card might not be the central theme of a deck, but it can certainly give some great support.  

  • levi johnson

    i aggree put her in a deck that brings out alot of ccreatures (zombies) so u have a defence for her until her -6 in the right type of deck she can be a handfull lol but i dont see her being up there with jace