• guest

    i knew it!

  • Jared Hansen

    Well. That answers that question.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Probably could have guessed this. That said yay!

  • Rocket Raccoon

    Now the other one… will it’s price go down?

    • Gord

      more likely to drive it up as now more people will get a few and be looking to finish their Jund (and other) lists. A lot of people wouldn’t buy 4 but if they have 2 from the boxes they opened more likely to want those. Same thing that happened with Tarmogyf

      • Him

        Its price has dropped a lot since its reprinting…

        • Gord

          Could be – I’m just speculating – I’d love the price to drop

  • Lurch

    Grrrrr Ive been dreading the day that liliana of the veil would be reprinted. Since this was announced the original print dropped about $40 just as i predicted. Oh well at least it hasnt been reprinted in a planeswalker prebuilt duel deck yet.

  • Tetragon 213


  • Nanya

    I’ll prolly pick her up, I have a few Liliana Planeswalkers anyway.

    Dunno what I’d use her in though.

    • HighPriest

      Me neither, her ridiculous price has made sure I’ve never even considered her in a deck so far. And as we mainly play commander these days I’ve not really had a strong need for a single copy either. The decks that use her are just too expensive overall for people with limited resources and who do not play in tournaments and all that jazz. Would be horrible to get two of her and two Tarmogoyfs from a box, you’d sort of had to fill the playsets then.

  • Heartless Zio

    Mmm, hope this makes her a lot more affordable. I need a playset.

  • Deadly Berry

    Reprint her every MM and maybe she will drop in price.

  • chad

    Come to papa!!

  • Zombie

    Wizard pls stop no more our memes are already dead

  • Miles Rinesmith

    A much needed reprint at least this did not take as long as Damnation.