Liliana’s Defeat - Hour of Devastation Spoiler

Liliana’s Defeat

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Destroy target black creature or black planeswalker. If it was a Liliana planeswalker, it’s controller lose 3 life.

  • Kevan Kramer

    The closet we are going to get for a 1 drop kill PW spell.

    • Shawn Michael Diaz

      Why should there be one? Planeswalkers all require set-up and cost more than 1 mana

      • Cthulhooo

        We already have 1 mana planeswalker. Deathrite shaman :)

        • Robert FakeLastName

          he said 1 drop pw removal not 1 drop pw

          • Cthulhooo

            “Planeswalkers all require set-up and cost more than 1 mana”

            I was making a joke refering to this statement above….

          • Robert FakeLastName


          • Shawn Michael Diaz

            Okay like I get the joke, but this is all about supertypes and there is 1CMC removal for Deathrite, it doesn’t really fit here. Also that joke has been done to death

  • Ecoabismo

    It would be preetty nice side this in in limited… almost unfair.

  • Deadly Berry

    Bye bye Liliana of the veil/Last Hope.

  • NobleGhost117

    Anyone else find it ironic that you can kill Nicol Bolas with this spell?

    • galen150

      oh my god thats amazing.

    • Jay Kilian

      you can counter bolas with the blue one, too. Not sure what Chandra’s Defeat will do though. It’d have to have insanely high damage dealt to deal with the Chandra PWs.

      • name moniker

        fan speculation, but what if her’s is a threaten effect instead. bolas does enjoy turning his enemies into his minions. also it could explain how the gate watch survives (i.e. bolas defeats them all and then tries to have chandra finish them off. as her last act of free will chandra is able to banish them from the plane scattering them across the multiverse)

        • name moniker

          okay so my prediction was way off

      • I.R.Shnow
  • Kaiser


    • jaya


      • Kaiser

        Very very thanks

    • Jordan

      Liliana, the powers you work with, I can take away. – Nicol Bolas

  • Jordan

    Liliana, the powers you work with, I can take away.

  • ColorCaptain

    Kills some of the best creatures and walkers in modern. <3

    • Jay Kilian

      Including Bolas.

      • Happy The Cat

        …don’t bring him up. last thing we need is more people saying how a 7 drop that even tron cant play is SOOO good.

        • Shagoth

          The 7 drop that even Tron can’t play is SOOO good.

          • Happy The Cat

  • Jay Kilian

    These defeat spells + painter’s servant will be fun.

  • Insight66

    Sideboard hate for a $90 card right here.

  • potatogod442

    It’s Sorcery tho

  • Soren Szilver

    This might have some potential for modern sideboards. It hits death’s shadow, liliana of the veil, both sorins (used in tokens), dark confidant, grim flayer, tasigur, tidehollow, siege rhino, phyrexian crusader and a bunch of other fringe cards. Maybe no immediate impact, but if the modern meta changes, this may have a place

  • Shagoth

    When you have to deal with a delve creature on modern and Fatal Push doesn’t do that trick.