• Edward

    This makes the zombie deck so close to being good. Come on another good 1 or 2 drop please

  • Happy The Cat

    well this is good, edh and even some of the eternal Zombie decks might be picking it up, at least to test. a much more vanilla version of Jarad without that deep color intensity.

    • Jaya

      This is better for standard than EDH, we alrdy got much better fatties on edh and they barely even see play. This is even worse than most of those fatties since it requires support via dredge or some self mill effect, you get the idea.

      • Happy The Cat

        this is good because it’s cheap, it’s no fattie it’s a huge pressure card that will pull a removal spell from your other threats.
        also you are playing a ZOMBIE DECK, in what world will you not have graveyard filling effects?

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    I’m absolutely addicted to effects like this.

  • Márcio Siqueira

    A wight of precinct six that works for your graveyard, nice.

  • Anthony George

    Good for draft, but in a standard Zombie deck it’s a downgrade from Diregraf Colossus.

  • Tragic

    They couldn’t put this at 2 CMC? Really? Wight is at 2 cmc… and is wayyy more powerful (granted, in the right deck strategy).
    We DON’T need another beefy 3 CMC zombie in black!
    Let’s look at our current options…

    Cemetery Reaper – 1bb, boosts tribal, generates tokens that benefit from boost.
    Death Baron – 1bb, boosts TWO tribals, gives both deathtouch.
    Diregraf Captain – 1ub, deathtouch, boosts tribal, punishes mass removal.
    Diregraf Colossus – 2b, gets permanently boosted from the ‘yard, generates tokens.
    Dreg Mangler – 1bg, hasty beater, can boost a creature after it’s killed.
    Geralf’s Messenger – bbb, drains life on ETB, recurs itself when killed to drain life again, solid beater, great for devotion strategies.
    Glissa, the Traitor – bgg, excellent beater/blocker with first strike and deathtouch, that recurs artifacts from yard to hand.
    Haakon, Stromgald Scourge – 1bb, can cast from graveyard, allows casting of knights from graveyard, slight drawback life drain.

    Wow, we’re not even halfway through the alphabet, and we have plenty of great three drops, and there are still many more awesome zombies at 3 cmc…

    I’m not saying this is a bad card, and it’s good for limited, but it’s not the kind of zombie that black needs.