• Ethan Burk

    yay! another barely used bulk rare! this set is great guys

    • Ryan Cameron

      At least it’s not Call the Herd like from MM17…

    • NC

      It still WAS randomly over four dollars, so like, the reprint will fix that mostly.

  • pvpmaster 1933


  • Rafael Castro

    Underwhelming. At least the boxes will be under 180 again.

  • Marvin Sürig

    As much as I love the Artwork… This card isn’t even fit for Commander (with the Sideboard missing & Choosing from the whole collection is a bit unfair in Commander).
    My Playgroup still thinks about a Commander SIeboard for Wishes of 10 cards but without a wide spread approach on this matter like “many playgroups banning Sol Ring” it is hard to work with something like this.
    I can imagine this would work if it would be Modern or Standard legal. I mean I’d put 1-2 Land and another creature in the sideboard for this especially if one of the lands is my win condition to avoid them to be fully destroyed by extraction effects. At least it could work in Tron by replacing one tower and a Mine or something like that while it could also fetch an Eldrazi if needed. But that would a maybe if it gets a reprint in Dominaria or something like that, too.

    • Theorak

      For Commander, since it is a community format, you should just bring a wish-board. Show it to your playgroup and have it approved.
      I would not put a combo in there, just a few specific strategy punish cards.

      • AustinSmith

        My playgroup lets me mess around with Spawnsire of Ulamog in my monogreen EDH deck. Running all three newer versions of the titans lol

        • Marvin Sürig

          okay XD Why not. The Problem was that someone in an older group once tried to use the blue wish and said he could find any card now that could win him the game without declaring a Sideboard. He used Dream Halls. And the next day some of the group searched for instant cards that were able to do the effect that person stated would exist and everyone realized that card was a sorcery. Reason why we believed him first. It was 4:00 and he wanted to seatch his 2000 card collection.

      • Marvin Sürig

        Thanks for the Advice. I normaly wanted to put some cards in there that are hard to play but with certain Set ups like Eternal Dominion which can turn into a funny way to close out the game but only if I force everyone to copy it or play copy it for myself. But its often a too expensive and not that useful in many situations. The other cards are mostly Cards to answer certain strategies and Eternal Dominion even was an answer to some strategies I had no answer to because it fetched another answer from my opponents deck.
        But I mostly wanted to use it to get cards I like that might screw my mana curve if I played all of them in the Deck while getting 1-3 additional conditional answers like a third Fieldwhipe.

        Djinn Illuminatus gets pretty strong with wishes but as long as there aren’t combos it should be fine or? I ask because I think I’ve put it in the Deck I wanted to play the red wish with.
        I could understand if someone says Riku musn’t play those because its easy to put two combo pieces in the Sideboard.