• Njaal

    Oh look, a Gilded Lotus on a land.

    • Shagoth

      Lotus Vale thinks you have the wrong reference.

      • Njaal

        Lotus Vale would be correct. I haven’t played for that long so I don’t connect the dots.

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      It’s not on a “land”, it’s more like a cheaper Gilded Lotus.

  • Jude

    ……………….do you hear that? Thats the sound of the reserved list getting ripped and stuck to the back of unassuming cards

    • Kitnz

      At least it takes a couple conditions to get to the actual flip. At least a 4-mana investment and some kind of evasion or time (via combat given no other changes). Still, ya this is absurd.

  • Khan Runander

    Not legendary hmmmmmm . . .

    • Dr. Gitrog Crow

      Vesuva! Thespian’s Stage! All the ramp!!!!!

  • Edwin Marín Castro

    Lotus Vale and now Lost Vale.

    • Bostorket

      Lotsa Vales.

  • Shagoth

    An homage to an homage, also a pretty good land at that, wow.

  • Deadly Berry

    Looks strong on paper, will need proper testing to determine if it is worth including creatures with evasion to make it worth the flip tho.

    • Bostorket

      Goblin Sappers, at your service!

      Or Dauthi Embrace.

      Or whichever your favorite is.