• Kahai

    ha. XD Great reprint.


    What happened to the five-legged shrew?

    • the mad seer

      there was no five legged shrew, it was a gitrog crow

      • Dr. Burn Crow



    Happy to have him back :)
    Read the flavor text of the original Mad Prophet from Avacyn Restored and look at the scroll. He was right all along!

  • Christopher Lacey

    ohh nice card! =)

  • Gregorio Stevenson

    LOL! The art! That guy looks like he had a fight with Mike Tyson.

    Get it? No ear.

  • SmolderingButcher

    Many Lovecraft. Much horror. Wow.

  • Bige Boiy

    he’s baaaaaaack

    • kasigah

      Oh, good: I’m not the only one to think that. Verbatim.

  • Silverwolf600

    “You here the chime of a Sinister Bell…”

  • yolksoup


  • Tommy Yagami

    This art is freaking me out. I kinda liked the old art better.

  • Happy The Cat

    There’s no heron in the moon! It’s a shrew, a five-legged shrew, with a voice like whispering thunder!
    he’s gotten a lot less fake looking in the last couple of years

  • Anton

    Yet another bloodborne reference with the bell, love this set

  • DCM

    Ahh Kos… or some say, Kosm…

  • Hedronal

    Transcendence? What is that to mean? Is it a name drop of something elaborated on between now and EMN?

  • Velvet Wurm

    Well, no one can deny that he’s pretty mad, I wouldn’t like to run into him in the street.