• Kevan Kramer

    Man this is ugly as hell

    • Zombie

      At least the gold looks better than the Blue.

      The Blue Invocations look like utter garbage.

  • Kezvin

    I get the whole “themed border” thing, but this doesn’t look like a magic card. At least the Expeditions and Inventions still looked like they were part of the same game.

  • Tezzybros

    you people just don’t understand collectors at all don’t you…

    • the mad seer

      i understand double negatives

      • Jaiaisaiah


  • Bruce Flanagan

    I actually kinda like this.

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      Despite what I’ve said, I do agree. My only complaint is the art isn’t full art. Also, the colors on the border are kinda odd. Otherwise, these are cool

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    I feel like this is just one big troll by WOTC.

    • Happy The Cat

      they are three days early then

  • JD Farrell

    I’m just gonna say credit where it’s due to WotC trying something new and unique with these.

  • Insight66

    Looks like Croc and Snek are black and green, respectively. Was there ever any doubt?

  • Jonas Candy

    the art is nice but its so small. this doesnt even look like a mtg card

    • Hedronal

      The frame plus the zoom means I can’t even make out the art.

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    gorgeous art, wish it was full tho

  • Milo Igor

    So there’s only 2 mono-green cards, maybe even less if they also reprint Electrolyze and/or Lightning Helix as part of a cycle with Maelstrom Pulse and Vindicate, and Voidslime would be the last one.
    Any thoughts?

  • Thorgothron

    I have noticed that this is the only green card in Inventions. And it isn’t mono green. Additionaly I really hate this frame.