• tsokanos filippos

    Rip Scrounger…we had a good run

    • Ondrej

      Damn, poor metal thing…

  • Desthian

    That flavor text…

  • Kitnz

    That flavor text is amazing. Slap dem zombies, red players!

  • Kahai

    That ART! Foil will be mazing!

  • MrAptronym

    Flavor text is not subtle.

    • Robert FakeLastName

      red is not subtle.

  • Urdothor

    Better shock. Cool

    • Urdothor

      Against creatures, atleast.

  • God Enel

    Finally a removal that deals with Scrounger and isn’t completely useless against other creatures.

  • Happy The Cat

    decent card to see again, too bad over half the set has 3+ toughness. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/692fe6a4b568f4e92533cd0023f9782e056a575a6d599ac792eada6561dd20ea.jpg

    • ConDucktor Whirl Crate God

      This is EXACTLY why we’re also getting Soul-Scar Mage. Imagine the cute things that can happen with -1/-1 counter ramp in Red Green.

  • Dogmatic Hermit

    And the modern burn player in me squeals in delight, while the standard aggro player slaps it shouting “REMOVAL NOT BURN!”