• Robert FakeLastName

    extra copies of faithless looting?

  • Gabe Anderson


  • Sam

    Seems insane in aggro-loam

  • Zombie

    So it’s a “cheaper” Faithless Looting that you can’t Flashback.

    Seems alright, but you don’t want too many of these over Faithless Looting.

    Maybe a ratio of 4:2, Faithless Looting: Magmatic Insight would be okay.

    It’s a decent card but it’s just not as good as Looting.

  • xxxx

    discard 1 draw 2 finally another good red cantrip… too bad that discarding is additional cost, dont want that to be counterd

  • BlahBlahBlahBla

    I would play this over Sleight of Hand in Bloom Titan. Not that i play Sleight of Hand in the deck, but some people do.

  • Leonardo Duarte

    Seems like it’ll see play in standard, limited, EDH… Everywhere. The spotlight will be smal, but…

    • cement dorado

      modern burn

  • xermaster123

    this is amazing, like, faithless looting loses you 3 gets you 2, this doesn’t lose you card advantage and can turn a land you don’t need into 2 cards for 1 mana in red. Asides from in reanimation strategies I’d say this is better than stuff like tormenting voice and desperate raving, I’d put 3-4 of these in storm.

    • SmolderingButcher

      It’s more like it’s a cantrip that lets you cycle it and a land for a card.

  • ShahrazadMan

    I love this card. Junk in, good stuff out.

  • kmk888

    If you compare this to Faithless Looting you may miss that part of the value for decks that run Looting is as a discard outlet for reanimation or whatever they need. This card is still awesome, and quite possibly better for many decks as it doesn’t lose card advantage. Any deck that doesn’t need lands past 3 or 4 could benefit from this inclusion (such as Burn, Storm, and possibly Jund with Dark Confidant in Modern).

    There also might be a real Molten Vortex/Treasure Cruise/Magmatic Insight engine or deck for Standard. This card might also slot into Jeskai Ascendancy decks.