Mana Confluence - Journey into Nyx Spoiler

Mana Confluence

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Tap Symbol, Pay 1 life: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

Five rivers encircle Theros, flowing with waters more ancient than the world itself.

  • Josh Kaufman

    Eh. Land version of Storm Crow.

    I take that back, it’s better than a gate. So if a gate is a 2/10, this is a 3/10. Storm Crow is a 1,000,000/10

    • Together Alone

      Old joke is old

      • Whiskerbro

        Yes it is.

    • Storm Crow

      thanks i appreciate it

  • Alrick Sayasavanh

    It’s a City of Brass. For STANDARD

  • Whiskerbro

    Hello COB. I’ve missed you.

  • Necro

    This really should’ve been an Encchantment/Land…

    • Fbn Dnl Schlr

      As MaRo once said, it wasn’t a good idea to have an Artifact land in a block full of an artifacts-matter-theme in the first place since it lead to the first bannings in Standard since ever). I’m sure they won’t make that mistake again.

    • Silver

      Ok, neat idea, but think of any enchantress (including the one on standar). A 5 colored, untapped land that also draws a card? Broken. And we have a lot of support fro enchantments, dude it would have gotten out of control very quickly

      • Necro

        There’s only one enchantress that I can think of that could get triggered by putting a land in play and that’s the new one.

    • KoodlePadoodle

      I’ve been hoping for enchantment lands (like the artifact lands, but with enchantments) all theros block. I don’t even care if they got banned, I just wanted them.

  • Kevan Kramer

    It seems better than COB, because you don’t take damage if it gets tap per say. In other words, you get to choose when you want to take the lost of life. Also damage can be double too.

    • Fbn Dnl Schlr

      Damage can be also prevented…

  • Maybe I should run my 5 color standard deck again. . .

  • mtgfanatic

    Waaawww.. this is what I want!

  • JaceDovah

    I want a foil playset of this *^*
    And i want some other foils to in all my Commander Decks :D

  • Robert Kupper

    Such art. This will look great in foil. A more elegant form of City of Brass.

    • Fbn Dnl Schlr

      Such art. Much foil. Wow.

  • maverick

    im kinda glad they mae a functional reprint of city of brass pretty much lol

  • DoogleHallow

    I want all of the foils 0.0

  • bladeknight88

    Finally, a city of brass that doesn’t get blown out by city in a bottle. =) Yay vintage lol.

  • How about that Ajani?

    Better than brass: City of Brass deals damage every time it taps. If this card somehow obtained an alternate tap ability you wouldn’t lose the life. City of Brass would still deal damage.

    • Silver

      But not strictly better, not only damage can be prevented, you can’t suicide with this card. I have suicided myself with ancient tomb and city of brass just to not let my opponent kill me. Also, you can ativate the city, float a red mana and in responce to the 1 dmg trigger you can cast a bolt (or any instant for that matter), kill and opponent and then let the trigger resolve (I did that once =D)

  • Storm Crow

    this seems just bad enough to not be broken but still really strong

  • James S Agee

    Angel of Jubulation turns this off… not that it is relevant. Just funny.