Mardu Heart-Piercer - Speed vs Cunning Spoiler

Mardu Heart-Piercer

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Raid — When Mardu Heart-Piercer enters the battlefield, if you attacked with a creature this turn, Mardu Heart-Piercer deals 2 damage to target creature or player.

“Those who have never ridden before the wind do not know the true joy of war.”

  • Kahai

    Interesting mechanic. I personally like it, if another creature attacked, he basically comes into play on mainphase two ‘attacking’ (but not tapped) another player. Wonderfully flavourful! :D

  • Madness

    Raid looks like easy-mode Batallion. I approve.

    • Taco

      If all raid abilities end up giving your guys enter the battlefield abilities after combat, Mardu is looking pretty fierce. Not as fast as I was expecting, but thats alright.

      • Antares

        Hey, they’ll be fast and brutal in limited with this. Curving out with Mardu, with Raid abilities, will probably be one of the top (and most punishing) archetypes. Boros in Gatecrash was a nasty combination that, if unchecked, would curve out powerfully and crush a draft.

        • Madness

          Rakdos was even worse, I got crushed by a 4 turn perfect curve of Cackler into Chainwalker into Splatter Thug into Rakdos itself. It was pretty brutal.

    • to me it kinda looks like battalion with a splash of bloodthirst

      • Madness

        Again, Bloodthirst requires damage (not necessarily combat damage) to the player. Slamming a creature in a harmless wall works for Raid, but not for Bloodthirst. Maybe some on-attack mechanics would fit better, a la Battlecry.

        • the reason i said bloodthirst was simply most of the time with bloodthirst you are casting them post combat

          • Madness

            That sounds mighty reasonable.

    • Red

      Reminds me of Shadowmoor’s PROWL more than anything with this being any creature type and not just rogues.

      • Madness

        Prowl is more akin to a very restricted Bloodthirst. You need to connect on the player to proc it. I think it’s a bit too far from Raid.

  • Zombie

    Rewards newer players for understanding the concept of playing creatures after the attack step in the second main phase. Seems interesting, but any card with the ability will have to be very pushed to be competitive.

    However, this card is still a very high pick in Draft and an uncuttable in Sealed. Okay mana cost, decent body, and a free shock if you attacked, which there’s usually a lot of in Limited.

    I approve. Let’s hope the other “Clan Mechanics” are just as interesting.

    • Xero

      This is what Bloodthirst should have been, really.

    • Antares

      Doesn’t seem like too big of a stretch that some cards would see play. One example, drop this to 1RR (coughFanatic of Mogiscough), make it a 3/3 with shock or give it lightning Bolt as a 2/3, and you have a playable card for Standard. Doesn’t seem too far fetched for a rare, no? There’s quite a few decks that wouldn’t mind this sort of thing. I doubt all the effects will be damage, though. Sort of how Firemane Avenger was the first Battalion spoiled, and everyone thought that all cards would have varying forms of Lightning Helix as the Boros effect.

      This mechanic is great for limited, as it promotes attacking, and helps aggressive decks. It also helps introduce players to mroe advanced concepts in the game, while adding an interesting dimension to blocking and attacking. I approve as well.

      PS. This card will be THE NUTZ for aggressive red decks in limited. Definitely hopeful for the rest of the mechanics. I’m most interested in Abzan and Jeskai, as well as their respective Khans (as EDH generals)

  • Jaden Ledkins

    The johnny/spike in me just wants to have flash; flashing this guy in during combat just after declaring attacks but before blockers are declared seems sweet. Laughing out loud.

    Raid seems like a simple mechanic with flavor. It’s like a fixed bloodthirst. I like it.

    • Madness

      MAYBE in a White or Boros creature it could happen, I don’t think Black and Red are too high in flash.

    • JakeEverfree

      The Johnny in me wants to take in Skybind and Triad of Fates to flicker a bunch of raid creatures after combat, kinda giving them pseudo vigilance too.

      • Jaden Ledkins

        You sir, just won the internet.

        • JakeEverfree

          Don’t forget morph cards. Casting skybind/enchantments or waiting another turn can flip it. which is awesome if it has an expensive morph cost.

          unless it has a good flip effect.

          • Jaden Ledkins

            That is cool, however, the “turned face up” abilities won’t trigger if they are revealed face up without the morph cost being paid.

            I’m a rules advisor btw.

          • JakeEverfree

            That’s kinda why I said “unless it has a good flip effect”. Seeing as it enters the battle field as if it was cast but is a new being is flickering, where flipping is just changing it’s status as a card from face down 2/2 to a face up X/Y while being the same existence it was a few moments ago.

            …or at least that’s how I understand it, I’m not a cool rule advisor so I’m not 100% sure if I’m correct. How’d you get into that anyways?

          • Jaden Ledkins

            Oh cool. I get ya now. You’re correct. Yeah flipping the elemental into a 5/6 flyer is pretty good even without the morph ability.

            As far as becoming a rules advisor then a judge got to, . and type in your dci number and password. You should read up on the comprehensive rules, tournament rules and also the infraction policies. There is a cool iphone/ipad app called MTG Guide that has all of those rules handy for you in an app. Not sure about android. Hope this helps. Friend me on facebook if you need anymore help.

            Glad to help.

  • Montague

    Like everyone here is saying, probably superior to battalion and bloodthirst (at least insofar as it requires a significantly less difficult condition to activate).

    Looking forward to this set!

  • Crows_Flock

    Morph is my favorite!!! so excited to see this set

  • guy

    i’m hoping that each creature with raid has a unique effect. I don’t want every raid creature to do 2 damage or damage alone for that matter. (possible example of a creature with raid: flash raid, when Xcreature comes into play target creature gets First strike until end of turn)

    • David Fitzsimmons

      I highly doubt even the black and white raiders will also be doing damage. The black ones might cause a discard from hand or similar. White could cause taps or damage protections although both make little sense considering you got to attack first.

  • Joshua McTiernan

    SHOT THROUGH THE HEART…..And…your….too……. What? What’re you looking at?

  • Brian

    Very cool. Raid isn’t anything super complicated, but that’s a good thing. Newer players are going to be able to pick it up very quickly, and the idea itself is very sleek and effective. Definitely an improvement over things like Bloodthirst or Batallion, considering the activation is much less steep. I’m assuming each Raid effect will do different things, because a shock just for attacking, while nice, wouldn’t be near as interesting as a bunch of unique triggers for attacking.

  • Bento

    Raid: When you thought Mardu was done with their attacking phase, just when your hopes were coming back, it would only seem they’re just not done yet. When it comes to knocking Mardu’s foes down, there’s just no such thing as ever dealing ‘enough’ damage.

  • justmanypeaches

    No reach?

  • The MacGuffin Guy

    he is missing horsemanship. Clearly a misprint that will be corrected.

  • Daniel Gilmore

    I like it. It’s a good creature for tempo as well as aggro. 10/10 would swing then cast again

  • NordicNorth

    This card is so good in limited. It power drepends on what 2 dmg can kill, but this is a set with Morph. Every single Morph creature is a possible target. Just make sure your opponent is tapped out.