• Ultramegalord

    That’s one way to sideboard game one

  • Happy The Cat

    Anyone else starting to not like these “from the outside of the game” effects being so…common?
    like Wishes made some sense, you were wishing for Magic you didn’t “know”, R//D was kinda lame but WotC getting a card named after a department of course they’ll bend the rules. then you have Spawnsire, one of the first Eldrazi with a massive ability that actually fit what the Massive Eldrazi should do and at the time fit the “fear factor” of the big boys. but lately we’ve got Coax which felt like a lame reference card and now this. What even IS this? this just seems like an excuse to make Black’s standard fetch spell cost more. It just feels like they’re cheapening the idea of playing with the sideboard.

    • Marvin Sürig

      Never liked those effects. Research/Development was already annoying enough as a seventh wish or was it the sixth.

    • Kaiser

      Yeah but the effect is very flavour i mean look that magic around. That thing is obviously not of that plane but another.

  • That Guy

    Will be replacing diabolic tutor in my drana edh deck… now I just need a sideboard… hmm.

  • Norsdef

    When it says “outside the game”, it means anywhere outside the game or just in the sideboard?

    • Pokebob

      In casual it’s from anywhere, in competitive it’s just your sideboard. At least that’s my understanding

      • Alex

        Any card! ANY CARD! Get out of Jail, Charizard, Blue-eyes-white-dragon, Cards Against Humanity, the 7 of clubs, Visa, the latest GeForce, the possibilities are endless!

        • Pokebob

          Anything but the Visa! I don’t think I could handle that

          • Alex

            Diners Club not accepted.

        • Gord

          Give them a birthday card and age them by one year

      • Ryan Davidson

        But for casual, any card you own that is legal in the format, right?

        • Pokebob


    • Liam Maiher


  • Kaiser

    Nicol Bolas reference. Is that guy Rhal?

  • Pandancules

    Is that Tezzeret?

    • MTG fan

      Vraska I believe

      • Pandancules


        • Kahai

          She’s sending it directly to Tezzy though :D

  • Jakub S.

    Better than diabolic.
    Still not good enough for classic eternal formats, but good otherwise.

  • Snievan

    That looks like the Planar Bridge from Kaladesh. Would not be surprised if Bolas is taking the Immortal Sun there.

    • Hyorin

      Why would he? Wouldn’t he have his base somewhere else? His meditation realm, for example?

      • Serj

        He want the immortal sun thats why he sent vraska on ixalan.He has the portal from kaladesh , the army from amonkeht and now this but we dont know why

        • Aggelos Koromilis

          To make his army stronger and ”nerf” any planeswalkers that happen to be on that plane perhaps, so he faces less opoosition….

        • Hedronal

          He also has Ral’s “Project Lightning Bug” from Ravnica, a plane-wide walker-tracking system. Also knowledge of things like spells to contact beings on other planes.

          • Typhuzuzu13

            he has:
            -the means to shut down planeswalkers
            -the means to locate planeswalkers
            -the means to invade a plane (with his army)
            -the means to transport that army (we don’t know if the binding affects the planar bridge)
            that’s what we know so far.

            point being? What would he need all this for. He’s possibly the most powerful being around ( Emrakul being the challenger to that statement).

          • Hedronal

            Lightning bug doesn’t so much locate planeswalkers as it does track them on the plane it’s set up on, as well as the planes they visit immediately before and after.
            Based on the art of RIX story moment 3, the bridge isn’t disrupted by the sun.
            Bolas also has whatever abilities of his own, and other manipulated people and planes.
            Also the Immortal Sun may have some other functionality that it can be adapted for (like allowing some walkers but not others), given Bolas, Ral, and Tezzeret’s combined artifice abilities.

  • Brian Schmidt

    …ok, I just have to ask. Where the hell is Ugin with all this happening? I mean is he ok with Bolas doing all this? Although, that is awfully whitish blue much like Ugin…

    • Typhuzuzu13

      Talked about this with Hedronal below the main page-

      if Bolas is this mastermind, crazy red string map, playing however-many dimensional chess in his head against a thousand other pieces and players…

      Then Ugin’s just this cat, lounging on the windowsill, that Bolas has to keep an eye on. Because if he looks away for even a second, that cat can just pounce in and destroy hundreds of years of work

    • Hedronal

      Ugin is playing catch-up after 1280 years of napping. His means of gathering intelligence aren’t necessarily current or set up yet.

  • David S. McCrae

    Um, yes please. I’ll take 2. maybe 3. 4 would be pushing it.

  • Shagoth

    Strictly worse than Diabolic Tutor.
    Why, you may ask? Diabolic Tutor’s use is a terrible budget card, people will see this and be like “hey a strictly better version of that card I put in all of my black commander decks,” realize the second clause is useless 90% of the time, and then look back at how they helped make this mediocre cards one of the most expensive rares for the first few weeks and see it plummet to still way more expensive than Diabolic Tutor.

    Okay, so not “technically” strictly worse, I just wanted a topic lead in that was attention getting and kind of related to my point.

    • This is way better in reanimate decks or combo decks for when your graveyard finished/combo piece gets exiled

      • Shagoth

        Wait, didn’t they say that “exile” isn’t “outside the game” anymore?

        • TogetherAlone

          Correct. Exiled is still in the game. Now if you have another of that card you can go get it as being a singleton format only restricts deck construction. Also as long as you own another one lol

          • Shagoth

            R&D’s secret layer would make it work, though.

  • galen150

    is this suddenly an un-set??

  • Hedronal

    I admit I’m a little disappointed that there’s only three story cards this time. Oh well I suppose.

    Vraska will think it’s a potent job done, Jace and Azor know it’s a bad thing, Angrath will just be happy it’s gone, and Huatli will still know nothing but have a chance to learn more.

  • Kahai

    It’s a Tutor wish!

  • James Cordova

    There are a lot of two card combos that this works with