• Jonathan Reynolds

    I feel my voltron Dragonlord Dromoka days coming to an end.

    • Asghaad

      there is Wasteland in this set too you know … :)

  • Mr.Mayhem631

    Doesn’t tap for mana. But it’s fine, I guess.

    • Snievan

      It’s mostly used in the Lands deck as a way to shut down a large threat on your opponents side. Doesn’t have to tap for mana, although some people put Urborg into the list.

    • Happy The Cat

      Urborg begs to disagree

  • Poro Vlad

    OH i need this!

  • Drakeswarm

    On the MTG articles page, this was one of last week’s Legacy “Cards of the Day”, which leads me to believe the others will be in the set.
    That’s Berserk, Worldgorger Dragon, Entomb, and Mind over Matter.
    If we see Worldgorger that probably also means Animate Dead.
    And Entomb leads me to believe we’ll see Reanimate + Griselbrand

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      Mind over Matter is reserved.
      Also, I very much doubt they would do that.

  • Happy The Cat

    here I was thinking I was going to have fun killing people:(
    also, no flavor text? the void at the bottom is like the void in my soul…

    • Sabisent

      Maze of Ith has never had flavour text. The art says everything that needs to be said.

      • Happy The Cat

        but look at all that room, the original didn’t have the room and the FtV was special foiled and looked better with the blank space. this doesn’t have automatic foiling and still has the room to fit something in that spot.

  • Kahai

    Works wonders in creatureless commander decks, especially with a touch of untapping stuff on every turn.

    That ungodly 35/35-whatever commander swinging at you is now useless. Use it as a bluff piece. Just playing it makes people not want to attack you. XD

  • Julna Buras

    First time I read the name I thought it said “Maze of Izalith”

    • Oscar

      This could even be an actual place in Lordran haha^^

  • Lady Space Patrol


    • Tyler Alexander Phillips