• ArcaneMelee

    10/10 just for the flavor text, incredibly BA

  • Jason Cofer

    Wouldnt wanna be Nahiri right about now…

  • Ryū

    YESSSS, Papa Sorin is pissed.

  • Terryboy

    Will Sorin be costing 2UWR since he’s angry?

    • hotu

      how do you get blue in there? he’d be BWR at most. still probly BW though, tri-colour is a rather reserved thing for walkers

    • wisdomseyes

      Sorin is avampire, so black
      Sorin is like a diplomatic civilized leader type guy, so white
      Sorin is angry, possibly red, especially snce vampires in innastrad are red
      I don’t see blue, though. He doest really scream blue to me,, unless you are referring to this card drawing cards… but black has done that. This card is basically a play on altars reap.

    • Derek Niles

      I don’t think Sorin will ever get red because of the lore behind the red vampires on Innastrad and that Sorin is not of their race (more or less). I think it would be lore breaking to give him red tbh

    • eltratzo

      Yes, sorin is angry.
      Look how he shows his anger:
      by giving a polished and calm statement that he is indeed pissed of and will go on to make nahiri pay.

      you know how typical red reactions to frustration look like?
      burning stuff in incoherent rage; turning into dragons to burn stuff in incoherent rage; walking to the plane of the guy I’m angry at and proceeding to destroy everything remotely related to him.

      In short everything we now of sorin tells us as story of incredible self restraint.
      Yes sorin holds grudges, yes he drinks blood and quite probably finds the taste as addicting as most innistrad vampires, yes he has no qualms unmaking everyone who happens to pose a threat to his designs,
      but no, he has not, in recent years or in the newly spoiled cards, been shown to lose control, to act on impulse or without a clear rational plan.

      (he also does not lean blue because while rational and calculating he is simply above lies and manipulation. If he needs you to do something he will simply tell you to do so, and you will obey because it is Sorin Markov who asks and you are not completely mad)

      I might be wrong, but to me Sorin seems as black white as ever. To old and stubborn, too secure in his own considerably power to let something as minor as little Nahiri throwing a tantrum (and thereby destroying his favorite creations) interfere with is colour identity.

  • Bige Boiy

    maybe sorin will actually do something in this set, after appearing two blocks in a row just kind of brooding

  • Derek Mullins

    Loving the flavor text; I too, wonder if there’s red in Sorin’s future…

  • Zombie

    Not as good as Altar’s Reap but has infinitely more flavor

  • Happy The Cat

    aww, too bad jace is here and you cant get printed. maybe you should kill him off so this doesn’t happen again sorin.

    • Johan K

      Sorin is probably printed in SoI though. There’s four walkers in this set.

      • Mr.Mayhem631

        He’s confirmed. By LSV.

      • Happy The Cat

        SHH!! we want him to kill jace remember?! don’t tell him about the next set!

    • TogetherAlone

      He is scheduled to be spoiled today I believe

      • Happy The Cat

        wait what? four walkers in a set? what is this? M2017?

        • Kotadis

          No, origins

  • Nirayá

    I love Sorin so much!

  • yolksoup

    An altar of reap with a bit more sac outlet for one more mana, glad it’s still instant speed

    • Jonathan Mueller

      It’d be just awful at sorcery speed.

      I wish they would have printed this at 1B, i.e. a strictly better Altar’s Reap.
      Blue has Perilous Research after all.

      (And while blue is the color of instants and card advantage and therefore rightfully the better color at doing this, black again is better at saccing things to get what it wants.)

  • Jonathan Mueller

    I wish this would have added the option to sac both to draw three cards instead.

    But I guess they were afraid this would make it too wordy for a Common.