• TogetherAlone

    i’m guessing this is only good if merfolk is a think?

    • Tolle

      Maybe in constructed but this looks very playable in limited

  • Alex

    Gah… need… foils… of everything in this set. Art… too… colorful.

    • Chet Turner

      Dude I know, the art on this sets’ cards is in some cases better than the power of them.

  • Alex

    Also, I just noticed something about the Explore mechanic I had missed before: the card can be put into the graveyard. I suspect some cards with Explore could find their way into graveyard shenanigans.

  • darkgod656

    This could be somewhat interesting in merfolk. Sure, tis green but it is 2 mana and a 3/2 body potentially is nice. But i guess you do have a bunch of 2 drops so it remains to be seen. But if you want to splash green for collected company then i would personally use this as well.

  • Shagoth

    I’m not very impressed by the green Merfolk so far.