• Jeffrey Zom

    My good lord guys: That’s a good lord!

  • JD Farrell

    This seems…weirdly simple for a gold card XD

  • Jalais

    Hello! Non legendary lord, at uncommon no less? Nice body/CMC as well.

  • Hans Gougar

    Finally a merfolk in Ixalan to get excited about!

  • A metallic mimic for Merfolk but better. Merfolk gang is coming up this expansion!!!!

    Drop this, buff your guys and drop a Herald>>> GG

  • Santuli

    Turn one Kumena’s Speaker, turn two this seems a good start. Turn three Kumena? Man I hope merfolk are more viable this time around

    • Polis_Ohio

      Turn 3 Vineshaper mystic!

      • Santuli

        Ooh! Yea make the speaker a 4/4! And maybe set up for Herald of Secret Streams?

        • Polis_Ohio

          That would be quite the play! I hope merfolk make it in this meta.

  • Peter Johnston

    Is this good enough for modern UG merfolk?

    • Marvin Sürig

      Only for Standard. Modern has 2-3 other lords who have the same ability with another upside and it doesn’t improve the Master of Waves as much as the other three. Commander can use her as fourth two drop with +1/+1 together with the 3 cmc lord you have 5 creatures that give +1/+1 to each other merfolk.
      -> EDH & Standard Home. Plus Frontrier if someone counts the Coreset 2015+ Format

      • Marvin Sürig

        sorry they only have 2x 2CMC Lords and 2x 3CMC Lords plus this (with same effect)

        • xxxx

          Phantasmal image is a 2cmc lord very often too

  • calvin

    this doesn’t seem as good as metallic mimic in standard. The +1/+1 counters are important for the strategy and also if metallic mimic dies the +1/+1 counters stay unlike when this guy would die.

    • Shagoth

      Yeah, but this is better as a top deck and it’s better if you played something T1.

  • Shagoth

    Yes, because we needed one of the last mono colored decks to need to be dual colored anyways. Seriously, why does merfolk need so many god forsaken lords?

    • TogetherAlone

      This isn’t even good in modern. All your lords are on 3 and are much better.

      • Usgo

        Well 8 of the lords are 2 but also give islandwalk.

        • xxxx

          Phantasmal image is a 2 cmc lord most of the time too

          • Shagoth

            But Merrow Reejerey is a playset in Merfolk typically. This is better than Merrow typically.

          • RRYGO7

            sorry but this card does not untap vial and Merrow does.

        • TogetherAlone

          yeah that too

        • Shagoth

          But Merrow Reejerey is a playset in Merfolk typically. This is better than Merrow usually.

      • Shagoth

        Isn’t modern merfolk running two three mana lords right now? And this is two mana? This seems better.

        • TogetherAlone

          except they also have 2 different two mana lords with the same stats that also give island walk, which this is still much worse than.

          • Shagoth

            This is worse than Master of the Pearl Trident and Lord of Atlantis, but better than Merrow Reejerey, in which merfolk lists typically play a playset. So IDK how it’s not getting replaced.

          • squyggly

            I don’t think that it is better than Reejerey, as those also reduce the cost of your Merfolk quite well

          • Shagoth

            I suppose, but typically, you’ll be dumping your hand out anyways between their aggressive casting cost and Aethervialing.

          • Jazzyboy1

            Umm, Reejerey is seriously powerful. If you don’t have Aether Vial out, you can untap your lands to cast more Merfolk. If you do have Aether Vial out, you can vial out a merfolk, then cast a merfolk spell, untap Vial, and bring out another merfolk.

            E: Also, Reejerey can tap down your opponent’s blockers. It’s versatile.

          • Shagoth

            That is very true.
            Honestly, I hope this doesn’t see play in modern Merfolk, because I don’t want Merfolk to get better. If a card is good enough to replace another card, the new deck is better.

          • TogetherAlone

            This. The lords in merfolk are amazing, another two mana one doesnt change anything

          • Shagoth

            As I’ve said before, they’re playing a three mana lord as well. So replace the three mana lord with this. This is better than the three mana lord they play. The two mana lords don’t even matter. What you’re doing is the equivalent to if they released a one mana Dark Confidant and said “This won’t see play in Jund because of Tarmogoyf.”

      • Jazzyboy1

        It’s not intended for Modern play. It’s intended for Limited and Standard play. It will also see play in Merfolk EDH, as niche as that may be.

      • Zombie

        Lord of Atlantis and Master of the Pearl Trident are UU.

        Merfolk is already trending U/G, and the rest of the lords are CMC 3, AKA “Please God Kill Me Why Do I Have to Pay 3 Mana for a Merfolk?”.

        2 Mana is a much bigger deal than you’re giving credit. That extra mana can often be an additional creature or spell.

  • Happy The Cat

    Too lazy for original ideas for merfolk but don’t want to give them another good card? Introducing Uncommon Lords Vol 2! Where you can fly under the radar for printing a bad lord while not having to put much thought past “other merfolk get +1/+1”!
    Uncommon Lords! Coming to a set near you!

  • Zombie

    Merfolk at the very least just became Tier 1.5 in Modern. Another Lord that isn’t CMC 3 or takes actually literally years to come online (Looking at you, Coralhelm)

    The archetype has already shifted to U/G, now it has another cheap Lord to throw into the mix. Whether it’s played in 2 copies or 4, it’s going to see play immediately in Modern.

    That can’t often be said for new cards. The last “This will immediately and undoubtedly see Modern play as of Day 1” card was Fatal Push. Not saying the two are on the same level, Fatal Push was a game-warping card.

    But, still. It’s a new creature card that’s likely going to see more frequent Modern play than Standard. That’s honestly a little mind-boggling.

    • chataolauj

      But who would you replace in the Modern build? The other modern Lords do more than this does.

  • sansmyhands

    Man, U/G Merfolk in limited is gonna be even spicier.

  • Oscar

    Ixalan is probably my favourite plane for flavour reasons alone. I really didn’t like Merfolk before because of the looks, but in this world they look absolutely beautiful!