• TheFullMontzy

    This actually kinda pisses me off! I understand why argothian enchantress is better, but it’s not THAT much better, and it’s mythic while this is uncommon!

    • DJ Pad

      Shroud and one less colored mana is MUCH better.

      • TheFullMontzy

        And I understand that, but it’s not so much better that it deserves mythic status. Especially when they bumped Mesa enchantress to uncommon like it always should have been.

        • xxxx

          Having played legacy enchantress for some time I got to say that the power level of mesa and argothian are definetly miles apart.
          1. In legacy 1cmc is a huuuuge difference.
          2. You can’t get mesa with your 4 green suns (in legacy enchantress you basically play 8 argothians, 4 for 2 mana and 4 for 3)
          3. Mesa(or verduran… the green one…) dies to stp, bolt or decay while many decks can’t deal with the shroud of argothian (some can’t even after sideboarding)
          4. Enchantresses presences is better as copy 9-12 of the effect (harder to remove/synergises with the deck -triggering other enchatresses – adding one more mana with serra’s sanctum out, etc….)

          I do however play 1 verduran enchantress in the sideboard against decks that play surgical extraction, sac effects, somehow ping all creatures or sometimes against miracles(so I have a better chance actually resolving one)

          • TheFullMontzy

            I understand your argument, and all your points are valid, but…
            1. This entire set is meant for drafting. Yes, it’s also to encourage more people to play eternal formats, and to into duce more cards that had low print runs into circulation. But the fact remains that the purpose of this set is for draft, and while yes argothian is strong in most any situation, when you don’t always have the option to play the cards you would in constructed, it’s not nearly as useful as it could be.
            2. Also, the requirements for being mythic as defined by Wotc are A. Planeswalker B. Legendary and C. Level of “epic power” not the market value or tournament playability.
            And again, I’m not saying that any of your arguments are invalid, Im just trying to show my side of the argument

      • ZomboJenkins

        1. It’s white
        2. This one makes it so you MAY draw a card, in case the opponent has that fate unraveled or whatever out
        3. This had a more relevant toughness
        4. YOU can’t target Argothian either
        5. A single colored mana isn’t going to hurt as bad as you make it sound if you have a half decent deck.

        I’m not saying this one is better, I’m just saying it’s no where near as bad as you think. Probably about just add good, if not a little worse than Argothian.

        • xxxx

          1. Beeing white is worse (cant get it with green sun)
          2. I haven’t been milled since playing against stasis X years ago (maybe rip/helm comboed* but never really milled)
          3. In legacy in this case 1 more toughness doesn’t make a difference both die to pyroclasm and you would never want to go into combat with either of the enchatresses
          4. You only play global enchantments or auras that target lands (this is not bogles it’s a pillowfort/combo deck)
          5. XD …. you do remember that we’re talking legacy

  • Sani

    Yes this is nice, this as a rare would have been another big disappointment.