• BusinessmanGinger

    Cool, a new tribal staple.

  • Marc Tremblay

    Why did they make this one in a masterpieces, this is a auto include in so many commander deck. For sure I ll be looking for a foil one for my atraxa deck.

    • DJPad

      Why? Are you playing Atraxa tribal for some reason?

      I wouldn’t say it is an auto-include in anything other than tribal decks.

      It will be more interesting to see if this helps decks like goblins, allies or humans make more of an impact on modern.

      • Marc Tremblay

        I have a 4 color atraxa human deck with a bunch of enchants and spell to but counters on them

  • jochen hendrickx

    want one. now.

  • Devin Beckley

    Wasn’t expecting a toy for werewolves, turns on lambholt Pacifist right away.

  • Zombie

    Fits in every Tribal deck ever?


  • Jazzyboy1

    Works really well with Toolcraft Exemplar in a Dwarf Tribal.

  • Gabe Burch

    How would this work with Panharmonicon?

    • Not at all.

    • Blahblahblahbla

      The counters awarded with this operate like a replacement effect instead of a triggered effect so it would not trigger Panharmonicon.

  • Red Cap

    It’s not adaptive automaton, but it will probably be a tribal staple in every tribal deck that will and does exist.

    • Arnez Wright

      I think it’s better than Adaptive Automaton; it comes down a full turn earlier….

      • Red Cap

        But it doesn’t immediately affect the board, and tribal decks that would run this creature are aggro decks, so immediate board prescence is key.

        • Crome

          But say you put this down turn 2, now you essentially have an adaptive automaton one turn earlier for all your low cost creatures. Unless it gets hit by a fatal push, in which case you’re down a lord.

          • Arnez Wright


      • Samuel

        this is also more of a late game dud top deck where the automation late game can win niche situations

  • Arnez Wright

    Now, Naya Humans in Modern have twelve 2 drop lords! I need four of these asap!!! AND, I think it triggers Champions of the Parish and Thalia’s Lieutenants.

    • Concerned 707

      12 different lords? Or 3 different 4x of each?

      • Arnez Wright

        Three different lords and four copies of each…!

    • Ben

      I was hopeful it would trigger Champ and Thalia’s Lieutenant too, but now that I read the card more carefully, I don’t think it does. It doesn’t become a creature of your choice until it has already entered the battlefield — unlike a clone effect, where the creature enters the battlefield already copying a card. Someone might correct me on this, but I don’t think it would be a human when it hits the field, so it wouldn’t trigger the other creatures’ effects. But maybe the fact that it says “As it enters the battlefield” means that it becomes a human THEN hits the field…? I dunno. I’d like to see some clarification on this too lol.

      All that being said, I really like this card in combination with tribal token generators, like Hanweir Garrison. Those two 1/1 red humans entering during combat, tapped and attacking? They’re 2/2s now, and that Garrison is a 3/4 comin’ atcha. That buildup of two more tokens every combat becomes a significantly bigger problem when they start as 2/2s instead of 1/1s.

      I’m more of a casual player, so I don’t keep up with EVERYTHING that’s seeing play in Modern and Standard… but this seems like it could help make some tribal decks viable in one format or the other, and could make already viable tribal or pseudo-tribal decks significantly dirtier.

      • Robert FakeLastName

        it happes “as it enters the battlefield” which IS the clone wording.

      • Arnez Wright

        Robert FakeLastName is right… “As it enters the battlefield” means that it DOES becomes a human THEN hits the field!

  • Nanya

    Hello, Adaptive Automaton, how are you?

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      It got so many face lifts that it decided, “Screw it! I’ll make my face look like EVERYTHING!” And it did.

  • Deadly Berry

    And then it changed to Goblin type, and remained like that. Forever and ever.

  • Jakob Schneider

    The head looks almost like carved wood… remotely like Carven Caryatid.

  • Jakob Schneider

    Seems like another prime candidate of the “Kaladesh Construct treatment’:

    »I’m yet another Construct of this plane, but I also have another noteworthy creature type, so Wizards just omits the Construct subtype in favor of that, because that’s the default go-to only if nothing else applies.«

    • eltratzo

      which is usual of fallback types. most green hounds could be beasts in addition to that for example. but there is a more specific type so they aren’t

      • Jakob Schneider

        Good point.
        Didn’t know the term “fallback type” before, but that pretty accurately describes it.

        Though there are a considerable amount of Beasts with multiple types as well, since being a beast still has some distinct properties.
        I thought that’s why they Underworld Cerberus just a hound, for example.

        Being a Construct seems like a rather ‘undeniable’ property to me that should be added like the Human subtype when it applies, which hasn’t created any problems so far either.

  • munkeemanometal

    This might just be what was needed to make standard Zombies an actual thing. It lacks sufficient 2 drops and a lord-ish card, and this does both!

  • Shagoth

    I’m guessing early on this was going to be a tribal Eldrazi mimic but they probably (rightly) figured it would be broken. So instead we have a generally better version of the Adaptive Automaton, which is an already good card. This set will kill me. I feel like two non Kaladesh Block cards will make it into standard when Shadows rotates out.

  • Tacanu

    In a Standard Vampire deck this could be something.

    • I had the exact same thought. Thinking of brewing a Vampire deck with this.

      • Ryan Walker

        If you have Falkenrath Gorger and a first Metallic Mimic on the battlefield, would subsequent Metallic Mimics have madness and be castable that way?

        • I don’t believe so. A Metallic Mimic can not gain the Vampire type until it hits the battlefield. Up until that point, it’s only a Shapeshifter.

    • Shagoth

      We have three blocks that contain the tribe now including some amazingly aggressive cards, how the heck is this not top tier now?! (rhetorical question)

  • Lukas Rösch

    Looks like this is a really nice combo with Animation Module… (or does “enters with a +1/+1 counter” not count as a counter beeing “placed” on the creature?)