• TezzeretofCarmot21

    This is slightly odd. Its first side is flavorful and cool. But this side, I don’t notice anything particularly good.

    • Demiurgo

      It can ping your opponents for 2 damage each turn for 1R. It will be a must in any Boros EDH deck.

      • Tolle

        The ping is meh. But being able to shut off a voltron deck hitting you is a really good political tool

        • TogetherAlone

          IDK saccing a land and 4 mana for two damage was on Ramunap ruins and that was good enough

          • Tolle

            That was in standard, we were discussing EDH.

          • Alexandre Donnart

            Because it only requires your deck to have a few Deserts. This one needs specific creatures attacking together.

  • Сергей Петров

    Random in Magic the Gathering? D:

    • Dave

      There has always been random effects. See just last set, Rowdy Crew.

      • Alexandre Donnart

        I bet this is sarcasm. Random has always been a bad thing in Magic.

        • Hedronal

          Generally yes, but there’s usually only so many creatures to attack with.

          • Alexandre Donnart

            I’m not saying this effect sucks, we’ve seen worse random effects.

  • jochen

    can that second ability be used before damage? or even before blockers are declared?

    • Hedronal

      Yes, it can. When a creature is declared as an attacker, it attacks, and is considered to have done so during all subsequent steps that turn. Of Note: Creatures put onto the battlefield attacking aren’t actually considered to have attacked, in case of those uncommon interactions.

  • Hedronal

    What exactly is on the top of the tower there? Orbs? Circular walls? Either way, the art for this set is stellar (pun intended).

  • Luminous_leper

    How would random be determined on the second ability?
    Would the Player choose? Random means that the Player does not choose?

    • dashkatae

      Lets say three creatures attacked and you use the ability, one of those creatures would be killed randomly. You could figure it out by say, rolling a 6 sided dice. One creature would be 1-2, another would be 3-4 and the last would be 5-6.

    • eltratzo

      if all potential victims are normal cards with regular backs and none have counters on you can also just shuffle and have one player pick blindly. if it’s two a cointoss works. for any number small than 6 a die works (just have rerolls on unchosen numbers if it doesn’t mach exactly). for numbers smaller than 20 you can use the d20 one of you is probably using to mark his life. or lat a program roll a die with an apprpriate number of sides if you have access to the internet.
      how you choose is irrelevant as long as neither player makes an informed and controlled choice and all potential outcomes are equally likely.

  • Bostorket