• Noatzon

    Sweeet! We really needed this at uncommon u. A pitty the arts terrible <.<

    • Shagoth

      Well Krosa is Centaur related. Don’t understand the hook weapons, though.

  • Iepixlyfail

    Make the deck almost unplayable then reprint a card they really needed, great marketing wizards.

    • sansmyhands

      Did the Probe banning really make Infect that much worse? Also, this was probably slated to be in the set before they knew Probe was going to be banned. It wasn’t until Death’s Shadow started pounding on everybody that it was considered a real problem.

      • Zombie

        The Probe ban made Infect a LOT worse.

        Did it render it unplayable? Not in the slightest. Infect is still a perfectly playable archetype.

        Did it make the deck significantly harder to play? Yup.

        Did it gut some of Infect’s average matchups and flip them to bad? Sure did.

        Also, Death’s Shadow decks are doing even better now. Probe wasn’t the issue in Suicide Zoo. Probe was an issue specifically in Infect.

        Probe made Infect the single safest aggressive deck to play in the format.

        • sansmyhands

          Death’s Shadow decks are still killing it, yes, but if it had just been Infect abusing Probe then they probably would have banned Become Immense instead (I’m still very surprised they didn’t). What Probe did in DSZ is far more busted than what it was doing in Infect.

          • Shagoth

            Everyone is right AND wrong. Probe was a problem in that it made the combo aggro decks slightly more aggressive and they were suffocating the other decks. It’s not that was infect or DS was dominant, it’s that agcombo was dominant in general.
            Besides, both of the decks are still good. Though I am surprised that banning something that helped DS and something that effected Infect, a deck that sounds like a bad matchup because the lifeloss from DS doesn’t even help infect. Is it because dredge was hit? Or am I missing something?

  • Aarhg

    Aw, what was wrong with the old art with the rat? I loved that art.

  • Zombie

    For those confused about the art, I imagine it’s depicting a random centaur warrior receiving the blessing of Krosa.