• Kaiser

    i dont even know this card exist…

    • Robert FakeLastName

      yeah it sorta got banned from legacy lol.

      • Kaiser

        oooh my gosh XD is so epic, i love it

  • Revotor

    This art is just beautiful.

  • Timekiller11

    Why would you reprint a card banned from legacy in a standard draftable set…

    • BusinessmanGinger

      I don’t get why your wondering about Legacy specifically. Wotc did the same thing with Mana Crypt, Sol Ring, and Mana Vault in Kaladesh because they are some, if not the, best manarocks in limited play and all of them are banned in Legacy. The majority of the time, no one is going to pull one so I’m just confused as to what you mean.

      • Timekiller11

        I’m not talking about whether they should reprint the card or not for commander. I’d be more than happy to see these being reprinted in a FTV box with the current art/foiling and not the janky one we currently have.

        I’m talking about the playability during sealed events. How fun was it to play against someone who got a sol ring or a mana crypt in his seal pool?

        • eltratzo

          these cards surface one in 144 boosters. so the amount of players having them in their limited decks will be rather low. even if they have it yeah they’ll play it. but this is limited not constructed. how often will you draw that solring at times where the insane ramp actually still helps you? large reasons while those cards were banned from legacy are consistency or synergy related. and even if there are cards amongst them you can’t beat if your opponent plays them, the odds of your opponent having a mythic you can’t beat if they get it out are higher.

          As for this one: there won’t be much ramp so a “turn two: erase your hand”play won’t happen. after that it’s obviously strong versus control decks but will have little effect against agressive decks. it’s probably still strong in most limited decks but doesn’t neccesarily seem like an “I win” card

        • BusinessmanGinger

          Umm I never talked about Commander so I think you responded to the wrong person. And I’ve already answered your second question with my response 4 days ago.

    • ConDucktor Whirl Crate God

      Because EDH is a thing. Legacy isn’t the only Game type in Magic.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    This art is like something out of Mirage. I love this so much. Mirage was my first set when I was just a pipsqueek of a lad.
    I didn’t play any sets again until Invasion.
    Holy nostalgia.

    • Shagoth

      Honestly, I thought this card was Darkling Specter at first, so one block off.