• Zombie

    Is this the first Red creature with Reach?

    • Nathanael Lambert

      ruric thar did, but that might be it

      • Zombie

        I was more going for pure Red, Thar had it from his Green half.

        And I actually looked into it through a card search, it isn’t the first.

        It’s just happened so few times I didn’t recall the others.

        There’s been like 2 prior mono-red creatures with the Reach keyword.

        Although I don’t know if Aether Membrane should really count since it’s from Planar Chaos, the set that decided to get whacky with the color pie.

        • Nathanael Lambert

          donno how I forgot about Aether membrane, its such a fantastic wall.

    • Hedronal

      WotC has been experimenting with red reach for a few years, ex. Skyreach Giant, Weaver of Lightning.