• MTGFanatic

    At last. A 3cc land destroyer spell in new border.

    I hope they also include stone rain ;)

  • Jakob Schneider

    Look like a very powerful limited pick, consdering the KTK-levels of manafixing in this set.

    (All ten Gates at common and Shard taplands at uncommon… well, and the fetches obviously, but you aren’t going to target those, lol.)

  • Jakob Schneider

    Anyone else thinks the flavor text is off?
    I don’t see the nonbasic connection here, this seems more fitting for a regular LD spell like Stone Rain.

    The idea of the damage behind the original printing (from Mirrodin) was that the metal (when targeting artifact lands) would meld and cause the 2 damage.

    This flavor text sounds like the very opposite, i.e. farmers tending [regular] plains (which would not cause damage).
    Though the artwork seems fitting, as it targets a building.

    • fullbuster

      I think the flavor text is perfect: as the Molten Rain hits harder when it hits a nonbasic land, represented in the picture as a castle (opposed to the surrounding Plains), it is the perfect answer to the farmers praying for their lord to die a horrible death…
      That’s what I got from it, as least!

      • Jakob Schneider

        Ahh, I didn’t think of it that way. Good point!