• Vizzerdrix

    I think I’m at the point where I don’t want a box, way too many cards that are rare that shouldn’t be and pretty much dilutes the set to being 10 for an uncommon, I’m kinda glad I didn’t pre-order a box bc I’m really disappointed with the rarity system for this set

    • DJ Pad

      FFS people, not every rare can be worth 10 dollars and up, get used to it. At least they are playable. Mother of Runes is probably the best white 1 drop ever printed and a bomb in limited, it’s not a stretch to be at rare.

      • TheFullMontzy

        I agree. Ya it would be nice if she was an uncommon, but she’s still a VERY powerful card regardless of her low price. I think that people forget that buying a pack or a box of any set is a gamble, but with MM and EMA you have a much better chance of losing less money, or even making money regardless of the higher price.

      • Asghaad

        exactly, its like whining about normal set that the boster cost you around 3 dollars but most of the rares are under a dollar in value …

        if you want pure vallue for your money, buy singles, if you like to open boosters and gamble a little all the while either playing the game or increasing your collection then buy boosters … t

        • Vizzerdrix

          I’d feel better buying a box or a pack if I opened it got a giant solifuge went well this sucks but I got a mom as well so not as bad

          • DJ Pad

            Well newsflash, there are a ton of great uncommons in this set already, so you can still do that.

          • Vizzerdrix

            Yeah I think it’s just not being interested in a most of the cards so far so seeing what I would want at higher rarity than they originally were and being cards that outside of being a limited set didn’t need the change is frustrating

      • Vizzerdrix

        I still don’t see a problem with keeping it as an uncommon, my experience with modern masters and boxes in general like 2-3a box which I think is fair for draft same with a lot of the up rarity cards some I do agree with but I don’t see the point on a lot of them

        • Kitsune Legion

          there is a magical thing called limited…

  • Jack Flowers

    She’s a good card, but I would be very disappointed if I spent MSRP on a pack and got this.

    • Kitsune Legion

      i wouldn’t, it is an amazing card and you wont always get more than MSRP worth of cards, if i had to get bellow MSRP i would be happy to get this

  • xxxx

    Mom is too good for draft… playing multiple in a draft deck is way too good … but she has to be in this set … that’s why she’s bumped up to rare

  • Perseus Johnson

    I’m happy that I can get a foil of this new art.

  • Happy The Cat

    why the elspeth vs kiora art? why?

  • Lady Space Patrol

    Very strong in commander and will be a power house in limited. Won’t smile when I crack it but it has uses beyond its dollar value.

  • Zombie

    Legacy staple with new art. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyesplease.