• Zombie

    A 3/3 for 3 that gives you access to what’s likely going to be a Harmonize on average?

    Wizards design team members must all play Green. By far the strongest color in the set from what we’ve seen from spoilers to this point.

    • Happy The Cat

      and all of them think green is the best aggro color, but have to give the one guy who likes red 1~2 cards for edh each set.

      • eltratzo

        In general, to me at least it seems that which each colour having it’s own manager of what the colour gets effectwise and conceptwise I kinda get the feeling that there are different philosophies in play here.

        Nagle seems bent on pushing green to the limit while the other colours are rather conservative.

        red does try a lot of new stuff but is held back by developement currently not wanting it to have strong and cheap burn.

    • eltratzo

      a few thoughts on that;
      while the concept comes from design powerlevel is largely chacked by developement so just nagle pushing green through the roof alone doesn’t explain the on average very high powerlevel of green in the past few years.

      what should however be noted is that for the last few sets colourwheel balancing isn’t handled by rosewater himself anymore. there was a period where design as a whole somwhat comanaged that but for the last few sets each colour has their own supervisor for what it does and doesn’t get to do. Nagle is the supervisor for green and he seems very intent to make it the best cardadvantage color in standard.

      …I’m not sure whether I personally am a fan of that even though I as a player, am very much a gruul.

  • Aarhg

    I dig this a lot.
    Now we need an aftermath card called ‘Bills to Pay’.

    • Ryū

      Or Cradle to Grave.

      • Aarhg

        Or they could go the funky route with ‘Time to Party’, haha.

        • Ryū

          Sounds like an Un- Aftermath card. ‘Back to The Drawing Board’

      • Bob

        Worth it / Divorce
        EDH / Chaff

  • Nebulium

    1. Take 1 call of the herd, 1 collective unconscious, 1 garruk’s packleader, and toss them in a bowl. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
    2. Using an electronic handheld blender, mix on low power for ~2 minutes, or until no lumps remain.
    3. pour mixture through a fine strainer, this will remove unwanted ingredients.
    4. Pour the strained mixture into an 8×8 pan.
    5. Place pan in oven for 3-4 turns, or until mixture is fully cooked.
    6. Eat half immediately, before it cools. Throw the rest in the trash
    7. Pull the half you threw in the trash out at a later time and eat that.

  • Aj


    Hippo on card!!! Aww man its been a while, maybe they should have said 3/3 purple hippo with flying… just because!

  • Ryū

    4/2 beasts and 3/3 hippos. Bootyful.

  • Edwin Marín Castro

    We want more Hippos, we need more HIPPOS!

  • Deadly Berry

    Would use only for the Hippo. Definitely.

  • Miles Rinesmith

    I need to put this in my Surrak Dragonclaw Edh deck that Aftermath would be amazing.

  • Lord Gonti Of The Orzov Networ


  • KrakenHunter

    so why is this rare?

    • sansmyhands

      Because this is a house in limited. Also a house in EDH. And potentially a house in Standard (probably not, but stranger things have happened)…

  • Ziembski

    Inb4 Green god is crit only when have X or more creatures with power 3 or more. And ability for +x/+x untill end of turn.

    • Ziembski

      Untill end of turn ofc

  • Solarstorm flare

    mouth to feed??