• The King of Card Games

    sweet sweet murder is back baby

    • Phoenix UNBENCHED

      I can’t express how fitting this comment is with that avatar

  • Nanya

    Better artwork than the previous Murder at least.

    • Nolly

      I think I’ll use the previous murders over this one because of the aesthetically pleasing centered “Destroy target creature.” text.

      • Jonathan Mueller

        Can’t really complain about the choice of flavor text, though.

        It’s hilariously grim in context.

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      I prefer the old art.

  • Fred Weasley

    I used to play with this card all the time and can’t believe they reprinted it for a Standard set! It’s like a dream come true when Grasp of Darkness was reprinted in Standard and now Murder? It’s like they’ve been reading my mind! Thanks Wizards!

  • Arcus Diabolus

    Unfortunately, its an instant, and a three cost, so the biggest eldrazi beat sticks, namely Emrakul and Brisela, can’t be affected by a good murder or two.

    OHH how I would love to just murder Emrakul.

    • TogetherAlone

      I dont see brisella coming together all that often in standard would be my guess. Bruna is way too far up the mana curve

      • Arcus Diabolus

        And Emrakul isn’t? No matter how much you somehow manage to get in the grave, she’s still be around 7 to cast.

  • Khan1104


  • kmk888

    Unconditional enough to see play as 2- 3 of immediately. Good reprint.

  • DapperRaptor

    have good of removal is this in modern?

    • TogetherAlone

      complete garbage?

    • Zombie

      This is not viable in Modern, hasn’t been and never will be unless Wizards for some reason loses its mind and bans every single good spot removal spell in Modern for no reason.

    • wwww

      For Modern, Hero Downfall is strictly better than Murder (and even, Hero Downfall sees no play at all).

    • Happy The Cat

      so bad you don’t know this is a reprint.

  • Jin-Gitaxis

    ,she wrote

  • Dave

    Finally. Something I can use to get rid of these pesky Eldrazis.

  • Melissa Juice

    Glad to see it back. Great art as well.

  • oaomcg

    Uncommon eh?

  • Elijah Bones Stewart

    Really well balanced removal if you ask me. Fantastic card in limited and about as strong as I like unconditional removal to be in my pauper cube.

  • Dewill

    “….because standard without good black removal is too mainstream.” I do like that it is back; sad that it was promoted to uncommon; print is going to be even more limited.

  • hackajar

    That flavor text though!

  • kukuc96

    Hmm would have liked Hero’s Downfall more. Way too many walkers running around nowdays.

  • DCM

    That feel when you play in your LGS and unconsciously cried, “I’M GONNA MURDER THAT GUY”. Then some random neighbor called police…

  • Johann Davies

    It’s very efficient for current standard removal.