Maze's End - Dragon Maze Spoilers

Maze’s End

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Maze’s End enters the battlefield tapped.

Tap Symbol: Add 1 Mana to your mana pool.

1 Mana, Tap Symbol, Return Maze’s End to its owner’s hand: Search your library for a Gate card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library. If you control ten or more Gates with different names, you win the game.

  • nameless

    is this real?

  • Mike

    It would be nice if they posted some sort of source for this “spoiler” that doesn’t even include a card name, let alone picture. 

  • Gun_frik

    This card seems kinda underwhelming. And the fact that the win condition check is on the ability is curious, though it seems like it’s worded correctly. I just hope that the “Entering the battlefield” effect isn’t real, or else this will be a card that sees little play, it’s already a punishing enough card to use with a 4 mana fetch tapped land, return to hand ability.

  • Rev. Donkey

    I hope it is real… but I personally love alt-win cards, no matter how awkward the condition is.

  • Simic Guildmage

    Strategy specific mythics are the reason I don’t buy booster packs anymore, you feel really giped when you pull a mythic that is so strat specific.

    • That Guy

      It doesn’t take the place of the rare/mythic so you really can’t complain about this one.

    • Nekneth

      if you don’t like getting packs because you pull mithics then you aren’t very bright just trade them or hold on to them till you build a deck that it fits into.
      the cant make it so every card can go into every deck then magic would suck completely so quit your belly aching

  • Pwnaged

    I’m calling that we are going to have the creature type of Gate. That’s the only reason i can consider this being even remotely close to mythic

    • Mlundgoldstein

      not every mythic has to be good Descent into Madness for example

      • Xero

        Saying Descent into Madness isn’t good is like saying Supreme Verdict sucks because it also destroys your creatures.  Granted it’s not to the level of the board sweeper, I believe Descent into Madness can be slightly broken or just taken advantage of in the right deck, probably not Standard though.

        • Xero’s Pants

          There are plenty of cards which allow you to discard your hand and some don’t require you to do it at sorcery speed with one less mana for the rest of the turn.

        •  Krenko, Mob Boss outright breaks it.

          • Will

            Endless Ranks of the Dead trolololololol

  • guildkey master

    It this its name??

  • Dskatedj

    It’s mythic because first of all it has one of the most powerful outcomes upon resolution in the game, “you win the game.”
    Also they printed thespians stage…. Sounds interesting. Yes door to nothingness wins you the game as well and its only a rare. So since this is a mythic
    It may be likely they will print some other permanents that are “gates”

    •  Door to nothingless let’s you make a player LOSE the game, meaning if there are more players, you’ll still need to… Show the way out for the other folks.

  • fresh2geth

    I dont see this being real, while its a cool design it just doesnt seem right to me. The idea of printing guild gates, shocklands, and this mythic rare land over the land slot in Dragon’s maze is to make the mana fixing not awful for limited, i think this design works against that goal. I think a more realistic mythic land for this set would be one that can tap for any color among lands you control and has all land types of lands you control, kinda neat with the shock lands and gates if you think about it

    • lightningrod14

      ooh, that makes sense. I’m impressed by it’s un-game-breaking-ness.

  • Joku Harakka

    Would be fun to play a deck with four of these, fours of all gates… Dunno, perhaps expedition maps, walking atlases and other land support stuff, and fusion elementals or something for protection.

    • That Guy

      four of all gates and that? Make this 44 land deck and tell me how it turns out.

  • Could be fun with Vesuva, Thespian’s Stage, Sylvan Scrying and Amulet of Vigor in Modern…

  • Silver

    ok, how the f*** are you saying that this isnt a mytic?

    1) Its a LAND (the hardest type of permanent to remove) that provides an alternate win condition, that alone should be mytic, regardless the requirements for said win condition
    2)The condition is to have ten gates, and this land effect is to fecth gates from your deck! It fuels (while at a very slow and mana consuming rate) its own wind condition. At the very worst you have a 10 turn clock.
    3)There is some gate suppport (and im dead sure that the will be more), so fetching the 10 gates will be easier.
    4) Its unkillable, only a split second card could take it (unless you’re stupid enough to leave it there without mana for its ability), also you can trigger its game winning ability at instant speed, anytime (not unlike those pesky “if at the beginning of your upkeep you X you win)
    5) The most important reason its a mytic: ITS NAME!! To elaborate: Its called “Maze’s end” while thats a badass name on its own, you have to remember that the expansion is called “Dragon’s Maze”, basically this card will be the most flavorful card of the set!

    • busterswrd

      Ghost Quarter says hi

      • BennyBoy7

        Yeah I’m expecting Ghost Quarter to potentially skyrocket….

  • que estafa de tierra

  • Like A Boss

    Wait… With changelings, who are every creature type (Including random ones like Sand and Serf), just have 10 assorted changelings and gates and you win!

    • David

      Gate is a land type. Changeling only includes creature types. Changelings aren’t deserts, for example.

  • Chris

    wait its the promo??? Why wizards, would you hype up the rarity of this card and then do something like this???

    • BennyBoy7

      What ARE you talking about?

  • The Inconspicuous Potato

    2 of each gate, 4 of these, 5 color control. That is all the hope i see for this card.

    • BennyBoy7

      That’s all it needs…

  • I love this card for so many reasons, its not game breaking but I’m determined to make a nice casual deck out of it; if it gets more gate support it might be a little more competitive.

  • darth_matze

    Wait – 9 piers for 10 guilds? Seems that there´s no pier for the Dimir …

    • Who are these Dimir you speak of? You do know they are but a rumor, yes?

  • imsully2

    I am excited to see what kind of silly decks people come up with to “Break” this card, while I don’t believe that it will happen I suppose you never know, if it was a gate this would be a very very different card, as it stands it’s hard to work with because it’s a colorless, comes into play tapped land which requires you to play at least 10 other come into play tapped lands and probably requires 4 of this land and 2 of each other one because otherwise you just lose to ghost quarter, best card I can think of for this kind of deck, Urban Burgoning, maybe a RUG deck with Epic Experiment and Creeping Renaissance, finally a reason to choose Land as the permanent type, obviously not a Tier 1 Card but it is a fun one and I’m sure that some sort of 5 color EDH deck will have lots of shenanigans for this card.