• Hedronal

    Oh this seems fun.

  • Jakob Schneider

    I’m surprised the border of this is green, since it has no mana cost or color indicator, which would usually make a card colorless.

    I know Conspiracies are only in the command zone, and there is currently no way to get any card or token from there somewhere else.
    But don’t these still need a color property, just in case?

    Or is the Command Zone more of a special case in itself, not meant to be interacted with in any way – unlike Exile, which over the years gradually turned into Graveyard 2.0.

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      Conspiracies are colorless.
      This has the border for the same reason lands have the same border color as their mana abilities despite being colorless.

      That aside, I disagree with oyur assessment of exile.

      • Jakob Schneider

        It probably has the same idea behind it as land cards, but I wonder why Wizards didn’t go with the same “border-only” approach as on land cards then, and instead design it the way that usually indicates a color of the card itself rather than mere “association”.

        Please elaborate on your view of exile.
        Of course me calling it “graveyard 2.0” is a bit of an exaggeration; it’s still mechanically different and also often used for various mechanics using card interaction, time tracking, or something similar.

        Nonetheless, it started as the “removed from the game zone” and gradually developped into something that’s far from its initial idea – which needn’t be a bad thing.