• Ryan Cameron

    Nice reprint

  • me

    Lets call the set pauper master

  • Peter Nordstrom

    i was hoarding these when they were $.25 ea.. sold them all when they hit $4 a few weeks ago :)

    • Tavis Carrillo

      congrats on being a turd

      • Peter Nordstrom


        • Tavis Carrillo

          All my upvotes on this comment. Lol I love it.

  • hoo hoody

    so Devoted Druid and Street Wraith incoming on C slot. ohh and dont forget about Goblin Lore (U) and Burning Inquiry (C)

  • Kitnz

    It’s seems like they can’t decide whether the archetypes are gonna be mono-colored or all colors. There’s tons of mana-intensive cards (morph costs of “two Islands” then things like “Protection from…” and Fear) but then also Conflux and several tri-color gold cards. I hope there is more mana-fixing than just the filter lands. We’re gonna need it.

    • AustinSmith

      Ash Barrens is pretty sweet for fixing. First time we’ll be seeing it in a draft environment, as well.

  • sansmyhands

    Hey look, a $3 common. Can everyone stop whining now?

    • Tavis Carrillo

      Hey look, You made comment. Can you stop commenting now?

      • sansmyhands

        Sorry I wasn’t maintaining the baseline level of negativity for you. I’ll do better to act like a spoiled child from now on.