• ThePajamaJamma

    I like the look of the border. Scroll-y.

  • David S

    Colourless but not an eldrazi or artifact. Colour me intrigued.

  • Nyrab

    It’s designed for multiplayer, I bet it’s a group vote ability thing, similar to the magister of worth but without it being a creature, obviously :P

  • Adam Watson

    I’m intrigued

  • Rathayibacter

    What if it’s a goal card, like the ones that appear in many other card games? As in, you have to accomplish your goal in order to win the game. Imagine you can’t win unless the player to your left is the first to die, or unless there are more than thirty creatures in graveyards, or something similar? That would be really neat and would definitely add some awesomeness to my EDH games.

    • Bryan Johnson

      Hm, could be, but to be called a “conspiracy”, it would need to have something more. Perhaps it’s a goal card that you put down upside down rather than face up? So everyone has to try and guess what the other players are trying to do while hiding their own goals.

      Could also be a more flexible version that allows you to flip it upright for a variety of effects, not just winning the game, after you fulfill the conditions. So you might have a conspiracy that gives you a big nasty creature once there are 20 cards in your graveyard, or grants +2/+2 and haste to all of your creatures once you have 10 creatures in play.

    • EsperLeague

      Conspiracy as the card type, will probably be banned from EDH…
      But if it isn’t, and it is something cool, I will sure play some in my EDH decks as well. =)

  • Madness

    It’s probably draft-related.

  • Kad

    What if this is all the card is. Just blank. It would be like a… conspiracy…

  • harakka

    This explains why the set symbol is like that.

  • herpderp

    Oh look, another Plane/Scheme.

  • Thomas C

    Tarmogoyf is now strictly better.

    • Daniel Gilmore

      if only that were true XD

  • Valafax

    MTG website said there are 13 of the new cards which are not legal in eternal formats. This conspiracy type explains why. Most likely will not be legal in regular play. Also can a mod please add the main page with the relevant information about cards not being legal in eternal formats? check the following post for confirmation. http://www.wizards.com/magic/magazine/article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/arcana/1430

  • Personyguy

    Conspiracy: A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
    I like the idea of the conspiracy being something that the opponents can’t see. I don’t think it’s going to be a wincon, because what if you don’t draft one?

  • muffinlord

    Maybe the mechanic will be something like “when this comes into play name one (or more) player(s). Whenever a non named player does something to named player, .