• Melissa Juice

    Wow. Powerful card, and absolutely gorgeous art.

  • MrAptronym

    Ohh, I really like this one. Going to be brutal in limited too!!

  • That Guy

    love everything about it… except i hate blue. lol

  • Happy The Cat

    wow, they REALLY want stormless storm to be a thing, all right wizards, I’ll try it. but only this once.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    So, a detective from Fun Police is transferring to Storm Squad. Welcome aboard, my friend.

  • Zombie

    A playable intro pack rare?

    What year is it?

    • Oberon

      I mean, Pia and Kiran Nalaar…

      • eltratzo

        pst. don’t ruin everyones fun of complaining about intro pack rares. it’s practically a tradition at this point. ^^

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    See, this is what intro pack rares should be: good enough that it might see play and excite older players, while still letting new players undestand that it’s good. Sadly, this is the last wave of intro packs, but I feel it was one of the best, rare-wise. Also, major hype for planeswalker packs.

  • MBase

    Jesus why. All I want to do is play big things, Wizards. I just… I already see this sitting across the table from me making me sad.

    • Hedronal

      On the other side, I see an actually playable intro pack rare. Don’t worry, in a set with Eldrazi you’ll get big things, this is just not one of them.

      • eltratzo

        I think he wasn’t complaining amout this not being big and more about it freezin all of his big stuff ^^ which is something that I think will happen. but well, fatties getting handled is something every freind of big stupid creatures has to experience time and time again. that’s just how the game works.
        and a set with more fatties needs more ways to handle them for all colours (exept maybe green. they are expected to just play the bigger ones ^^)

        • Hedronal

          Oh, silly me, I totally missed that big things getting frozen was the problem. My bad.
          Agreed on the latter handling point.

  • ye

    Straight into my casual Unblockable Jeskais deck

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    Niblits grew up and now hates me. Why, Niblits? WHY???

  • Lord_of_Riots

    Very cool card, glad to see it’s an intro pack rare.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    This card alone makes me want to make a prowess/spells matter UR EDH deck. I am probably going to do that. Jori En!

  • SmolderingButcher

    Surprised nobody has pointed out the fact that it’s a dementor.

  • Nelson Chandra

    ah, if only it was 1/5 it’d be so much more playable :(