• Daniel Rouze

    She really likes her awoken world

    • Djough Smytthe

      I mean, if you had a pet world, wouldn’t you be pretty happy too?

  • Zombie

    Man, that is some sweet art.

    • EVERYdayImMEH

      I concur, a must-get in foil for me :D

  • Antares

    So this Nissa will make Ashaya, The Awoken World. Hopefully she’s a little bigger than a 4/4, or comes down earlier.

  • Oleksandr

    The hedrons seem to be playing some kind of role in the image.
    Dose anyone have any idea as to what’s going on there?

    • Olphod

      Well from my knowledge I’m pretty sure the hedrons were what was keeping the eldrazi trapped in zendikar, which made it kind of angry and a bit upset as it had Cthulhu esque, godlike beings being all grumpy and creepy like inside of it. So it wouldn’t surprise me if Nissa, being all in touch with zendikar as a world waker and the likes, will be utilising the hedrons against the eldrazi somehow now.

    • jochen hendrickx

      From what I recall you couldn’t be on Zendikar without seeing a couple; the things were everywhere.

      • Kameenook

        From what I recall, they didn’t glow green with mana.


    So is this just new art for a Nissa, Worldwaker reprint? It’s awesome art, but it’s also essentially a reimagining of that card.

  • Bregisdog

    My guess is that the two planeswalkers are either new walkers in Battle for Zendikar, or the next duel deck (after Zendikar vs. Eldrazi) will be Gideon vs. Nissa. I feel like it’s the latter, but given the hedrons in the art, battle for zendikar is also very possible.

    • Aarhg

      I’m pretty certain it’s not for a duel deck. The two planeswalker images aren’t made by the same artist, and it’s not a panoramic shot cut in two. Two things that are usually the case with planeswalker duel decks.

    • The Duel Deck after Zendikar vs. Eldrazi will be ‘walkers from the previous plane, in this case, Tarkir.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    It’s about to get real.

  • Ryū

    Nissa and Ashaya? I can dig it.

  • Guest

    Just my speculation, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Nissa has a forth ability that is “When Nissa enters the battlefield put a legendary 4/4 ashaya token onto the battlefield.”

  • Speculator

    She is riding the head of some enormous elemental, whose left arm (knotted rope of glowing green vines) appears in the bottom centre of the image

    • Kameenook

      That elemental is Ashaya, the Awoken World, the token from Origins.

  • Joe Harvey

    But she is on zendikar
    where her tribe is so I wouldn’t be supprised if she had eleven mechanics

  • kemkiller

    Here’s an idea for Nissa’s ultimate: “summon a 15/15 token named “Ashaya, the Awoken Plane” it gains indestructible, reach and has If “Ashaya, the Awoken Plane” is sacrificed return it to the battlefield”

    (something to counter that pesky Emrakul if you need it)

    Also this could explain the hedrons being green is the background showing that she has control over the plane,,,

    and yes i know this is most likely not going to be the case… but still it would be awesome to see the art of the token!

    • 1) Emrakul and Kozilek left the plane.
      2) You can’t return a token to play from anywhere.