Nomad Outpost - Speed vs Cunning Spoiler

Nomad Outpost

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Nomad Outpost enters the battlefield tapped. Tap Symbol: Add Red Mana, White Mana, or Red Mana to your mana pool.

“Only the weak imprison themselves behind walls. We live free under the wind, and our freedom makes us strong.”
—Zurgo, khan of the Mardu

  • Taco

    Well, same mana fixing cards as we saw in shards. I guess thats good. Next we will be seeing panoramas and obelisks.

    • Ian Moone

      We might not see panoramas or obelisks exactly but something similar. This ain’t Alara after all

      • Matt86

        and don’t forget enemy colour Borderposts!

        • Taco

          I agree with you Ian, and I meant what I said in terms of what they do mainly.

          And matt, I’m not sure if we will get borderposts. At least not in this set. I say that because shards of alara was a set in the alara block, and was the one most focused on establishing the shards themselves. Mark Rosewater at the SDCC said we shouldn’t worry because we will get our wedge set, which makes me think this will be highly based on Shards of Alara.
          That being said, unlike in Alara, we are going away from our wedges, so we may or may not see borderposts later on in the block as we did in the Alara Block. (since borderposts were from Alara Reborn)

  • SMB379

    Super excited for this… But mostly for Temur’s land.

    • Ian Moone

      I’m eager to see all the lands, both basic and non. The art looks great and I’m glad that there will be several alt art for promos

  • Kevan Kramer

    Glad that they are finally completing the cycle.

    • Ian Moone

      They probably had it planned but the issue was timing and setting

  • Josh

    I’m really liking the art on this, can’t wait to do an extended art alter on it!

  • Storm Crow

    Was this cycle good back in Alara?
    I wasn’t playing then.

    • Kilroy

      it’s great in limited, and it’s like a +1 guildgate in constructed: unless a better way comes along to consistently get your three colors, these will definitely see play.

  • Aggro FTW

    So much manliness in one flavor text!

  • Mike Thomas

    As beautiful as this is, artistically and mechanically, I don’t like the focus of the art. I had to look 3 or 4 times to actually notice the outpost. Every other time I looked at it I saw a bunch of flags in a desert.