• Frowny

    This card might not be amazing, but i think the idea is sweet! Don’t let this guy keep sitting around for too long.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Not bad, especially with zombie cards like Relentless Dead which keep digging up zombie buddies like this.

  • Edward

    This isn’t outright amazing but it is good with zombie tribal and can get pretty outrageous with Relentless Dead

    • Edward

      Oh and can we just talk about the possibilities with this and Essence Flux in standard? Oh and if U/B zombies gets enough support you might be able to dump a couple of these in the grave with discard/ mil effects then use Ever After on them and watch the zombie tokens flow

  • Kaiser

    For a intro pack rare this is actually very good, not amazing but i like it really.

    • Hedronal

      And the blue one is actually playable.

  • Happy The Cat

    this is what intro pack rares should be. This thing is friggin cool. it’s not great by any means, but the first thing I think of when I see it is how can I make this even greater. unlike the green intro pack rare, which is a worse Harvester of Souls.

  • Nathan Lennon

    This guy in a Mikaeus, the Unhallowed EDH deck is pretty good.

    • eltratzo

      marchesa should get along with him as well. ^^ though she’ll want to have some sac outlet nearby. then again since mercyless eviction and terminus exist you probably want to have sacoutlets anyway.

  • Tragic

    The good part is, even if your opponent removes it, you’re still guaranteed a creature.

  • TogetherAlone

    one thing that sucks about this is languish still kills it.

    • Edward

      That is true for most things in standard. This card works well with Essence Flux though so that could be a good way around Languish. If it were going to be used in standard Essence Flux would be an auto include even if the opponent didn’t have Languish so it could actually work. It is at least a fun casual card

    • Hedronal

      Thank you for that, I got a nice momentary laugh from it.

  • EddieDeanofIgnorance

    I guess I’m the only person looking at this and thinking of pairing it with Managorger Hydra. Everybody else hyped about running it with its brethren zombies.

  • Jaya

    This should go infinite with a ton of cards, might become 1 more combo for black.

  • Gord

    This will be fun when casting spells to put more +1+1 counters on it

    • Moises Bayonex

      You mean Remove?

      • The King of Card Games

        no, they mean adding counters. You get more and more zombies over time as you add counters, because the counters aren’t immediately depleted and means it won’t just die two turns after it’s played.

        • Moises Bayonex

          The text says Remove 1+1 to put a Zombie :-/

          • Boogers

            He means casting spells that say things like “put two +1/+1 counters on target creature” so you remove 1 counter for casting said spell, get 1 zombie token, then put 2 counters on this creature, and net one couner total. Sorry if that was over explaining a little bit but it didn’t seem like you were getting it.

      • Gord

        Cast a spell that will put a+1+1 counter on it – that will cause one of the old ones to come off and make a 2/2 and then put the +1+1 counter back on it from the spell that you played – so a little of both I suppose

  • Deadly Berry

    Putting tokens at will if you have the instants to do so sounds great! too bad it’s kinda expensive.

    • MTG fan

      I know right? However, this is great for offense and defense. Make tokens either to stall or create an immense and powerful army.

  • Dylan Dougherty

    Unlimited zombies with cathar’s crusade

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Im pretty excited to play this in EDH alongside Doubling Season and Parallel Lives.

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    I. LOVE. The green chains, dahling. They way they bring out the green in your eyes, really makes em ‘pop’.
    The card’s nice, too.

  • Son Goku

    Pair this up with a Zombie lord of some kind and it won’t die, even once it runs out of counters, at least until it’s damaged. Team it up with Unbreathing Horde, Lord of the Undead, and Relentless Dead and you have an unkillable Zombie army.

    • Happy The Cat

      it say if you do, meaning if you don’t, cause it doesn’t have any, you don’t get the token

      • Son Goku

        Right, you won’t get the token, but it’ll remain alive (inasmuch as a Zombie can be) once it runs out of them, because it’s getting a toughness boost from another source.

        • Happy The Cat

          but it’s a zombie in a zombie deck, bringing them back is almost as easy as casting them. just let it reset man.

          • Son Goku

            Well, don’t go out of your way just to keep it alive, but shoot, if you’re going to be running the Zombie lords anyway, it’s just an added benefit. Same with Unbreathing Horde, who is unkillable through damage as long as it’s getting a buff from a lord (and nothing stops prevention effects). I still really want to make a mono-black Zombie tribal, with Liliana at the head of it.

            The one thing I could never decide on was to focus on resilience or swarm-type Zombie hordes. If I could have both in the same deck without losing power, that would be ideal.

          • Happy The Cat

            my theory with zombie tribal is there are three specific categories of zombies, the ones that trade in and come back for value, the ones that make tokens, and the ones that make other zombies stronger. from what I’ve learned is you want a zombie deck to do two of these things cause the third will work against your deck. this zombie falls into two of the categories, trading and tokens, which leads me to believe that having this in a zombie lord heavy deck won’t work as well as a swarm sacrifice deck. naturally being a theory and not a law of magic there are brutal exceptions to the rules like sheoldred in the lord/token decks so she can revive dead lords but most of the time these rules hold true.

          • Son Goku

            Hm. Food for thought. I’ll have to consider it. I’ve been torn between so many ways to make a Zombie deck, since there’s a lot of support for it. With a swarm deck, simply spamming out hordes of Zombies to trade with reckless abandon thanks to Death Baron and Lord of the Undead seems fun. Add in Grave Pact and you really can afford to be all aggressive, no holding back. You get recursion, especially with new stuff like Relentless Dead, while decimating your foes in a race they can’t win. Endless Ranks of the Dead, if you can cheat it out early, seems perfect for this.

  • MTG fan

    Ormendahl Fodder?

  • DapperRaptor

    Obsessive skinner anyone??

  • Urdothor

    I might put this in a Ghoulcaller Gisa or Meren deck. Sacrifice fodder, and a bit of a deterrent towards casting annoying spells. And if it dies, just reanimate it, and do it again.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    I love the regular art a lot. Zombies vs Eldrazi, my dream fight.

  • Necrachilles

    Replicate doesn’t “cast” just makes copies. Only one 2/2 for you :<

  • Bige Boiy

    also the “if you do” clause makes sure you only get as many zombies as you have counters.