• Baggsy

    I like that you get the token no matter whose card you remove from the graveyard..

  • Coulter Baker

    Interesting – white pseudo regrowth as well as grave hate. I think this is the only white card to date that allows the timely recursion of instants/sorceries.

  • EddieDeanofIgnorance

    Really makes you think about what to Process when playing against a white deck. I especially look forward to using this in monowhite Prowess (Myth Realized and Ojutai Exemplars stick around for another block, even if Monastery Mentor and all the white cards that actually have Prowess are gone).

  • Hedronal

    The token makes this go from okay to good.

  • Velvet Wurm

    ooh, against dredge perhaps?

    • Happy The Cat

      or reboot for combos snaps or anything that needs a very specific card at certain time.