Nyx Weaver - Journey into Nyx Spoiler

Nyx Weaver

  • Color: Black, Green
  • Type: Enchantment Creature - Spider
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Set:

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At the beginning of your upkeep, put the top two cards of your library into your graveyard.

1 ManaRed ManaGreen Mana, Exile Nyx Weaver: Return target card from your graveyard to your hand.

  • TheLangler

    Seems good in the B/W/G reanimator decks that’ve been floating around

  • Zombie

    Junk Reanimator and Dredge could potentially get a kick out of this, although I’m not sure what they’d want to take out to replace it.

    My guess is replacing Satyr Wayfinders with this.

    I’m willing to see something other than red for this card. It actually seems legitimately interesting with a few Standard possibilities.

    It’s extremely niche, but the options are there, and said options are turning into decent Standard archetypes.

  • professor_kraken

    As a DOTA player, this card gives me headache.

    • anon


      • atropos69

        Nyx Assassin and Nerubian Weaver, it’s like they had a child.

    • Zombie

      This looks nothing like Broodmother and has no ability even remotely similar to her.

      Source: 3,500+ games played with Broodmother across Dota/Dota2

      And it doesn’t even look like Nyx or Weaver… so I have no idea what u talkin’ ’bout Willis.

  • EmElw

    I sort of play a re-anim deck, My biggest worry is that it still might be too slow milling, compared to the likes of wayfinder. Though maybe, as it is a pretty good defensive body until you get to turn 5 where the whip and Obzedat’s Aid hits.

  • Welan

    what do you guys think?
    4 Elvish Mystic
    4 Courser of the Krunphix
    4 Sylvan Caryatide
    4 Pack Rat
    4 Nyx Weaver
    4 Eidolon Of blossoms
    3 Nylea
    3 PhariXIA
    3 Jarad,Golgari lich Lord
    4 Crisly Salvage
    The rest land.
    Low costing mana and budget(ish)deck:
    Abuse the ability and devotion From Jarad. Sacrifice gods or/and attack with him using the trample of Nylea. Use Pack Rat to filter the legendary creatures. And combine Eidolon of bloom with PHarixa ability to stall time or get your winning conditions.

    • Orion Moore

      Don’t forget Deadbridge chant yo!

    • Whiskerbro

      Cut Pharika. Add Scavenging Ooze. The Ooze is better in every way.

      • That Guy

        He’s emphasizing the ability to trigger Constellation with the Pharika tokens. It may surprise you, but there are times where the God is more useful! O:

        • Whiskerbro

          The only thing he has with constellation is Eidolon of Blossoms. Scooze would be better.

          • That Guy

            “And combine Eidolon of Bloom with Pharika ability to stall time or get your winning conditions.”
            Seems to me that’s the whole point here.

    • welan

      You guys forget that Pharika can attack by turn 3 if you play Elvish mystic turn one . Her turn two and Jarad turn 3 . More over you can sac her. And deal 5 damage after. I am even considering removing the Eidiolon of Blossoms for Erebos for the same reason. The draw is cool but the quick raw power and potential damage in respond to control is what would make the deck destructive.
      … I guess it could be seen as a green black burn deck?

  • kmk888

    Wizards seems to be encouraging a more enchantment based reanimator, one that doesn’t really interact entirely with dredge. I’ve been building with one of my favorite cards of the set, Kruphix’s Insight, to try and build a reanimator. It uses mainly Whip of Erebos but also Deadbridge Chant. I’m going to try and make Eidolon of Blossoms work in the deck too. This will be a welcome addition.

    Now all I need is something worth reanimating that’s an enchantment creature! Here’s hoping for like a 7 or 8 drop!

  • Whiskerbro

    Here’s a deck idea
    4x Elvish Mystic
    4x Courser of Kruphix
    4x Strength of the Fallen
    4x Nyx Weaver
    4x Nighthowler
    4x Kruphix’s Insight
    3x Pharika
    4x Lotleth Troll
    2x Eidolon of Blossoms
    2x Doomwake Giant
    3x Deadbridge Chant
    And lands.

    • Mike Thomas

      In my opinion, you need less Deadbridge chants (maybe 1) and cut the mystics. Instead try extinguish all hope as a two of and a playset of brain maggots.

  • Fbn Dnl Schlr

    Why does it exile itself? WTF? This effect is desperately needed in my Karador EDH! “sacrifice Nyx Weaver” would be totally awesome! But exile? No, thanks!