• Dominic Ng

    The flavor text made my day XD

    • Brogan Justicar Gibbons

      “Happy now?”

  • Jiří Strokosz

    ok, so magic is going to be a plainswalkers game now?

    • Dominic Ng

      It always have been planeswalkers, and there willl be more of them

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      This is just closing out a cycle.

    • ye

      I hate to break it to ya, bud, but you’re one of those hated planeswalkers as well.

    • Urdothor

      Edh rarely features planeswalkers, so. There’s that.

    • Jason Tan

      Atleast it’s not a synchro,xyz,pendulum monster game.

      • Chaospyke

        Idk, they just got fusion and Sacrifice added

        How far away can the others be?

        • Jason Tan

          Okay, imagine if right now, you can only win in Magic by summoning Gisela and Bruna to fuse into that thingy. That’s what Yugioh is. So similar in mechanic? sure, in restricted win condition? not even close.

    • Jiří Strokosz

      you missunderstood me, I like being plainswalker, but I disslike that highly strategic card game might became only battle of my PL vs your PL, who has better one.

  • Happy The Cat

    with that etb effect it’s a good thing it’s not in a color that will be able to flicker/blink it again and again like espe- wait a second.
    Kormus Bell, Urborg and a way to flicker this multiple times sounds like a way to lose friends. then again almost all Urborg/Bell combos are.

  • Mr.Mayhem631


  • Minizem

    That flavor text is spot on, and the ability is descent. Ok, fine, I’ll allow it.

    • Jonathan Mueller

      »the ability is descent«

      Descent into madness?

      • Minizem

        lol, hand must have slipped.

    • Brian Schmidt

      Should keep the second part and do something like this. “Happy now? Now help me killing these demons.”

  • Tolle

    Liliana has the best oath of the five of them and nothing anybody says can convince me otherwise.

    • Chaospyke

      So this is flat out better than all your planeswalkers entering with an extra loyalty counter, Or having any mana used for any planeswalker, or Scrying X where x is your planeswalkers?

      This oath is lackluster and not near as good as some of the others. Guess its better than chandra’s though

      • Kaiser

        But no other Oath´s have a cool badass flavor, sir (?)

      • Tolle

        I meant her actual oath. Now the card but what she said. “I’ll keep watch. Happy now.” It is better than what the other four said.

  • Robert FakeLastName

    decent in superfriends.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    My search for a playset of old Sigarda continues…

  • Joseba

    Best flavor ever

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    Dats ma girl :D
    10/10 on flavor and design. Token prevalence may lessen its impact, but it gets real value in a deck with a good amount of planeswalkers.

  • Marky Day

    Very playable. I can’t believe I was one of the only people who thought there wasn’t going to be a black Oath.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Lol… Same CMC as Liliana the Last Hope and a better card overall.. Lol

  • Tövar Strid

    Only cards that will see play outside standard, New Thalia and the new “natural order”

    • Blahblahblahbla

      Agreed all around.

    • Nolly

      What, Elder Deep-fiend doesn’t do anything for you?
      A flash 5/6 that can be cast for as little as 2 if you sacrifice something (like, say a freaking tasigur or gurmag angler) that taps four -permanents- down?

      • Zombie

        It does something for me in limited and Standard but outside of that it’s fairly mediocre.

    • Marky Day

      Not Collective Brutality? I thought some people were saying that the early discard enabler was good for some reanimation decks. I don’t know since I don’t play super competitive magic though.

    • Zombie

      Calling that abomination the new Natural Order is an insult to Natural Order.

      No Modern green combo deck has a need for it.

      Either they’re already running CoCo/Chord of Calling for value decks or they’re running Tooth and Nail to instantly win the game.

      As much as I like the card it doesn’t have a home yet, there’s already combos that do its job except much, much better.

      • Tövar Strid

        Rock decks will use it. You can sac a 2 drop and get an obliterator, siege, huntmaster, khalitas.

        • Zombie

          Rock decks don’t need it.

          Why break your curve when you could just play those creatures normally?

          They’d have to take out some of their hand attack, removal, etc. to fit it in, and that’s really not worth it.

          Especially not for a sorcery-speed, one-time-use, strictly worse Natural Order.

          The reason cards like CoCo and Chord found so much success is because they’re Instants. Their effects are on-demand.

    • Melissa Juice

      And? Nearly all cards are designed for limited and standard play.

  • Liam Hector

    “Ill keep watch, happy now?”

  • Zombie

    The ‘each opponent’ clause is pretty cute.

    Nice multiple-Edict effect for EDH.

    Other than that, just as boring as new Liliana.

    R&D must have spent all of their creative juices making the new Tamiyo.

    • EJ

      With Cloudstone Curio and some other enchantment, you can reuse this as many times as you want.

      • Zombie

        Tbh I’d rather be using a Curio infinite combo and win on the spot, but I’m rather dull like that.

  • TimTorn

    How come she’s not doing anything fancy with her hand like the walkers in the other oath cards?

    • Nanya

      She’s lazy maybe? After all, she has her zombie servants tending to her needs, so who knows?

    • Hedronal

      My guess is she’s saving mana for dealing with Emrakul, and/or just doesn’t care for the flair.

    • Phoenix UNBENCHED

      Cause she’s crossing her fingers with the other hand.

  • Kahai

    So pretty. :3

  • Nathan Harviala

    Something neat that I just noticed about her zombies, they don’t enter play tapped. They’re actually useful as blockers before they can attack.

  • Carlos Eduado

    I have seen an image that Tamiyo is helping the Gatewatch, so is supposed to have a Oath of Tamiyo multicolored?
    link: http://magic.wizards.com/en/access-magic-eldritch-moon-episode-3

    • Bige Boiy

      she isn’t joining the gatewatch

    • MrAptronym

      She doesn’t have any interest in joining though.

  • ForeverLaxx

    “Happy now?”

    No, not really. We need less of this Teen Titans nonsense, not more of it.

    • Matt Salvia

      Agreed. I would bet that this BS “Avengers” model is ramping up to the MTG movie. So much for what makes MTG’s story interesting. Now it’s reduced to some ridiculous superhero dynamic. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • MTGFanatic

    I hope that they’ll release some kind of winning condition if you complete all 5 oath cards.

    Liliana’s hand don’t have aura flowing unlike the 4 previous oath cards.

    • MagicUzer

      Perhaps because they meant their oaths lol

    • bentheechidna

      Nah. Oaths are not exclusive to our main 5 Gatewatch members. They are only the introduction to Oaths. Every time a Planeswalker joins the Gatewatch, they will receive an Oath. I expect possibly Sorin’s Oath and/or Tamiyo’s Oath.

  • Scathain

    Seems like a perfectly fine oath, not that I have been particularly fond of the oath cycle concept.

  • Pbandme24

    I don’t know how I feel about Liliana’s joining the Gatewatch, or the Gatewatch in general. Having just recently returned to Magic after being gone for Theros, Tarkir, and BFZ blocks to find that now there’s a team-up theme going on, it just seems like an odd change of tone. I liked that previously Planeswalkers had very individual stories, very separate and distinct characters and motives. For that reason I loved Nahiri’s and Sorin’s recent falling-out, since it was a very character-to-character conflict, with individual motivations and strong tension.

    Now, however, Liliana, my favorite character from the original Innistrad block, who used to be the most self-serving, independent character in the story, is now joining the Superfriends? I really expected, especially from the EMN trailer, for the Gatewatch to get bitch-slapped by Emrakul only for Liliana to show up and defend her turf (specifically, on her own). Again though, I don’t know. There’s still plenty of story left in this set, but I really hope Liliana’s development is closer to “Gatewatch-realizes-that-she’s-not-to-be-messed-with” and not “she-learns-that-victory-can-only-be-achieved-by-working-together.”

    Along with that, I’m kind of excited to see where Sorin and Nahiri end up. I might even be okay with Sorin getting killed if it means that Liliana can kill Nahiri and have Innistrad completely to herself (and maybe Garruk shows back up in Innistrad 3.0 for revenge). In terms of the Gatewatch, I’m really surprised to find Jace still such a primary focus after RTR block (although I don’t think he was in Theros or Tarkir, so maybe it’s more of a coincidence).

    Anyway, my point is that it seems kind of against Liliana’s established character for her to join the Gatewatch. Then again, maybe the rest of the lore for this set gives a good reason, or she ends up to be insincere, or whatever the case is other than her legitimately having such a drastic change of mindset.

    • Tye

      If you’ve been reading the lore, her last plan to attempt to solo her remaining demons failed, so what better way is there than to earn the Gatewatch’s trust and call upon them to help an ‘ally.’ This is still very “black” of her. Her alternative is to ask Nicol Bolas, but she’s already been clear that’s not much of an option.

      Someone else mentioned her hand is not glowing with mana/aura like the other Oaths. Perhaps that’s a subtle hint at her insincerity?

      • TheFullMontzy

        Actualy she is glowing with mana, it’s just not in front of her hand like the rest of them. Notice how only her “tattoos” on her right arm are glowing and not anywhere else on her body? It’s definitely more subtle than the other oaths, and I’m not sure she’s really all that sincere about joining, but she is putting in the minimal effort.

  • Deadly Berry

    Deep down she’s a good girl (B/W Liliana confirmed?), I guess that’s what they are trying to
    imply with her joining the Gatewatch. These “black” walkers being nice
    and helpful are so out of place; what’s gonna be next? Oath of Nicol Bolas? Don’t give me a heart attack.

    • Jazzyboy1

      She’s joining the Gatewatch for 3 reasons:
      1. She likes Innistrad. She has a lot of power on Innistrad, because it’s already home to tons of dark magic. The Gatewatch can help her protect Innistrad.
      2. She thinks that the Gatewatch can help her deal with the Chain Veil. She hopes that she can convince Jace to help her if she does a favour for him. Saving entire planes seems like a pretty valuable favour.
      3. She likes banging Jace. If she works with him, she has direct access to him.

  • Hkwksdh

    Oath of Tamiyo should be a thing. Tamiyo seemed to want to help a lot more than Lily should ever.

  • kmk888

    You should have been able to sacrifice this Oath to draw a card. To show Liliana’s abiding dedication to the team.

    • kmk888

      I also want a full art alter with her crossing her fingers behind her back.