• Enam

    Stuffy Doll?

    • magicalfollower

      Spitemare, Spiteful Shadow and Boros Reckoner too.

      • Jay Kilian

        redirect spells too. Swans would be hilarious.

  • Johan K

    I have a boros Avacyn EDH deck based around indestructible and damage redirection, with cards like Boros Reckoner and Stuffy Doll. I’m in love and I need to find out if it’s possible to use in other formats too, possibly by cheating them out.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Hidetsugu comes to mind

  • Nanya

    Blasphemous Act, why are you this?

    Also, Superfriends hate this.

  • Deadly Berry

    Exactly what my Jeleva needs, more ways to deal with Planeswalkers.

  • Shagoth

    I kind of doubt this is going to be that extreme…
    But they turned the meteor that destroyed the dinosaurs into an MTG card, the madmen!

  • Robert FakeLastName

    i thought mark said blasphemous act was a mistake? then they print this?

    • Shagoth

      He says that everything in magic was a mistake, honestly it sometimes feels like he hates the game itself. People go back on what he says he thinks are mistakes constantly. You know the storm scale? Well, there is an evergreen mechanic that is basically storm (prowess) and there is Aetherflux Reservoir.

      • Jacob Kodicovic

        Prowess isn’t storm, it’s a kind of combat trick, and the reservoir is just that set’s alt-win condition with a way to possibly get there

        • Shagoth

          It’s technically not storm, but it can work like storm in the same way by storming off. An example would be storm entity, though it technically doesn’t have storm, which enters the field with a +1/+1 for each spell played. Storm, in concept, is the act of spells being played that increases what you’re playing by one numerical facet.

          • Random Guy

            Storm is exponential. Prowess is not. I think Maro understood that.

          • Shagoth

            Grapeshot is an incredibly played modern storm card. Grapeshot in particular increases and equal amount to prowess. And since Storm is still very powerful despite banning about fifty cards from the deck, I think Storm is the broken part of the deck.

            Obviously, prowess and Reservoir isn’t as strong, you can see it coming from a mile away and it’s a single spell that can be countered so most decks can deal with prowess critters consistently enough.

          • Random Guy

            Technically Grapeshot is not exponential, but double-grapeshot is.

            And yeah prowess is weaker in ways that make it fair. Simply nerfing storm wouldn’t be enough because it’s still unfair in that it ends the game in one turn.

      • Mr.Mayhem631

        Prowess is wayyyyyy different from Storm.

        • Shagoth

          It’s different, but it can still play like a weaker storm. So “wayyyyyy” os definitely an exaggeration. You still cast a bunch of spells in order to gradually increase the quantity of something, and if you look at grapeshot in particular, there’s a lot of similarities.

          • Mr.Mayhem631

            It has a lot of weaknesses Storm doesn’t, though. It’s not nearly as strong.

          • Shagoth

            “but it can still play like a weaker storm.”
            “like a weaker storm.”
            “WEAKER. STORM.”

            Still, wizards has made it seem like the storm scale referred to anything similar the thing on the storm scale, even if it was obviously a nerfed and weaker version, was a no no. And yet, they made a nerfed creature version and Aetherflux.

          • Mr.Mayhem631

            No, they haven’t. If something is not problematic despite being related to something which is, it won’t let the things which it is not affect its own place on the Storm Scale.

            Since the problem with Storm is its strength, a weaker version is fine.

          • Shagoth

            I mean, it’s not broken, but it is weird that lately they’ve been introducing cards reminiscent of storm for the past few years.

    • guest

      Blasphemous act could be cast less than this because of the cost reduction clause it has, this will always cost 7 so it will be harder to cast.

      • Robert FakeLastName

        Mark does not care or even know very much about power level. His primary focus is on what each color is allowed to do. the reasoning behind this is that deal 13 damage to a creature is effectively destroy that creature. This blurs the border between what red can do ,damage, and what red cannot do ,destroy.

        • Darkray Accel

          Red problem has always been dealing with enchantments not creatures per say…This doesnt blur anything, 7 mana for a board is pretty expensive when black and white do it better for less.

          • Mr.Mayhem631

            Red doesn’t get “Destroy target/all creature(s)” at any cost.

            If this said “Destroy all creatures and Planeswalkers”, it’d obviously be a break. And that’s exactly what it does.

            As is, it’s still a break, just more subtle.

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    “Donating a Jackal Pup? Oh no, I’m so scared of Shivan Meteor – oh. Oh. OH.”

    • Ryan Sullivan

      The funny part about that is you don’t even need to run Donate, you can run Harmless Offering to make the deck mono red.

      Mono red Pupper Extinction

  • Aurore

    Can’t wait to put this in my EDH deck. Boros Reckoner be like
    “Stand back ya’ll. I got this.”

    • Bostorket

      Mogg Maniac thinks that’s cute.

  • jaya

    Dunno how i feel about this, sure mono red edh decks will want it, but i dont think it can enter a 5 color or any deck with black or white in it. They have better options. Might be mystaken but just getting 1 extra land for a 7 board wipe that can be dodged by regen, pro red, indest, 21 thoughtness. Im not sure.
    Love the name tho.

  • Arijit Mazumdar

    Who else thinks the name is “age if extinction”?

  • The MacGuffin Guy

    Now we just need a card that gives all small mammals indestructible.

  • Adam Henderson

    It’s Star of Extinction

  • Jay Kilian

    Because Hour of Devastation wasn’t nasty enough.

    • galen150

      hour of devastation is still better than this

      • Jay Kilian

        This hits a land and can kill Torrential Gearhulk and other fatties (though not the Horses).

        • Still

          The horses still get the damages until end of turn, if Crested Sunmare dies, they all die

        • Random Guy

          This costs 2 more mana, very important for a boardwipe.

      • Happy The Cat

        this and HoD are two different spells, this will kill almost everything in existence without protection or indestructible, HoD lets red interact with cards they normally cant even touch without something like Chaos Warp.

  • Dragoncastermaster

    commander players rejoice because we are getting a new red board wipe that that will kill most things and does not have an x in the cost

  • TogetherAlone

    Sooo this+Boros reckoner =gg?

    • Jay Kilian

      Stuffy Doll. Swans of Bryn would be epic.

    • Happy The Cat

      zedruu can donate Jackal Pups as well, also there is the Soulfire Grand Master option if you prefer people to concede cause they know they cant deal 200 damage to you before decking out.

  • galen150

    well, that is basically just all the overkill ever

  • Vizzerdrix

    Little too expensive but makes me want to build skRed or bees

  • Vizzerdrix

    So aurelia is 40 damage opponents 10 to yours, almost works need to half it again but 40 is way beyond overkill

    • Demiurgo


      • Mikka Mendenall

        wizards says we are planeswalkers……but you and i both know that it doesnt count in this context lol

  • Happy The Cat

    so… if my Assemble the Legion ticked out say 5 tokens this turn, Soulfire Grand Master turns this into kill everything gain 120 life +20 for every other creature and planeswalker on the board…
    now lets say I’ve got Urborg and Kormus Bell… that’s Armageddon:gain 20 life for each land… I REALLY like this card all of a sudden.

    • Robert FakeLastName

      though blasphemous act does the same thing.

      • Happy The Cat

        yeah but that’s a whole seven less damage, and I’m not casting this in a competitive format for any real reason right now, so it’s commander with Boros Reckoner, Spitemare, Stuffy Doll and giving away Jackal Pups, or turning this into a boardwipe+ massive lifegain spell, where that seven less actually adds up pretty fast.
        oh, also this hits planeswalkers, so actually this hits more things than B act.

  • Azala

    Red star…fall! Stain the earth red! Though it may be our fate to perish, we will not simply hand this world over to you!

    • applefoodie

      All hail the mighty Lavos!

    • David Meyers

      You have no idea how happy this made me

  • jaya

    Was expecting more from the dinossaur extinction meteorite but I guess it would be boring to have another obliterate.

  • Mikka Mendenall

    * cracks neck* i need a stuffy doll and a radiate NOW!

  • wwww

    Soulfire Grand Master for LOL

  • Cthulhooo

    Journey to Un’Goro?

  • Mike Seppy

    Why 20 damage? Is there a card to redirect damage to the other player? Does the land have to be destroyed
    ? Im seeing different answers here?

    • Hedronal

      20 because it’s a big number but also round so easy to remember. This damages creatures and planeswalkers, not players. Yes a target land is required, though it can have indestructible.

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    soul scar mage and nest of scarabs for an exorbitant amount of dung beetles