• Aarhg

    This probably could’ve been shifted down to rare like Niv-Mizzet was.
    It’s a very fun card though.

    • Jakob Schneider

      As opposed to Caverns and Snapcaster, they probably kept this at mythic for power level reasons in limited.

      3/3 flyer for 4 is solid.
      Dealing 1 damage for two mana is as well. Especially if it grows that flyer permanently in the process.
      Gaining control of those creatures you can’t kill right away in the next turn is literally adding insult to injury.

      If your opponent can’t respond to her, the game will be over quite quickly.

      • Nanya

        As someone who uses her as the Commander in Vampire Tribal, can confirm.

        • Dylan Dougherty

          She gross, friend has a olivia deck and it can be brutal.

  • Happy The Cat

    …they could have let Deschamps fix the third leg thing at least… still pretty powerful and deserving of a mythic slot.

    • Robert FakeLastName

      what 3rd leg thing?

      • alexander macrae

        Famous story. See how her right hand is tugging at her dress. Well, the artist intended that to be her right kneecap, like her leg is raised up and she’s resting her hand on it. But then he came back to the image, saw one foot, thought he had made a mistake, and drew another foot down below. So she has three legs. Deschamps wan’t shy about it either. He admitted to the mistake.

        • Necrachilles

          Or…an early Eldrazi mutation…hmmm…

          • vittorio betalli

            or a gigantic pinas

        • Robert FakeLastName

          huh disguised pretty well.

  • David Bray

    Imagine if you opened this when Liliana of the Vail was an option

    • I don’t have to, it happened the first time they were in the same set.