• Aarhg

    A flying 4/4 for five mana is pretty much always gonna be great in limited. Even has a nice little ability on top of that.

    • MTG fan

      Agreed. I wonder if there will be more cards that like cycling like this.

  • Animar, Elemental Master

    It’s a great ability if you build control in a cycle shell.

  • Grant Jacobson

    not sure if this makes it into the sphinx tribal “deck”, but seems good for sealed/limited.

  • Kahai

    Sphinxes are U. :D

  • galen150

    thats alright, nice little combat trick for cycle decks basically. if it had cycle on it i’d like it a bit more.

  • Animar, Elemental Master

    Little late to be ominous buddy.

    • Hedronal

      The river already turned into blood here, ominous is well past.

  • Alexandre Donnart

    Well, I’m building a Sphinx Tribal deck in Standard and I don’t know if I can or even want to find a slot for this one.

    I have a few cycling effects, but giving -2/-0 to a single creature is probably not good enough. That’s disappointing.

  • Rory O’Connor

    Closest thing to vanilla sphinx i ever want to see

  • PrissyRose

    4/4 with flying for 5cmc is a bomb in limited ability aside

    • ymmij X

      not really a bomb without cyclers. a bomb is a card that majorly swings the board in your favor like the o ring angel from amonkhet. a big flyer who also clears your opponents threat and can come back from the grave. this is a strong and aggressive pick though. (just dont forget we had those stats at 4 mana last set)

  • NC


  • Konan

    That art looks awesome!

  • Shagoth

    Not good enough for Sphinx Tribal imo.

    • Kaiser

      His ab is pretty good for stop agression. Dont requires extra cost

      • Shagoth

        How much of a cycling theme would you want in your Sphinx deck to make it consistent?

        • Kaiser

          The much i need if you run this and you would run tons of cycling lands anyways if you are playing cycling mechanics. If a “hydrolash” for cycling 3 cards.

    • Hayden Hills

      you give multiple possiblities of good trades? even 2 or just 1 and sideboard would be mad

      • Shagoth

        How much of a cycling theme would you want in your Sphinx deck in order to make this guy consistently decent?

        • Hayden Hills

          Well i suppose going off regular ratios you would need around atleast 10-12 cards of the deck to have cycling, with censors, new cycle lands and other cards it can be a bit easier to fix then it seems. Or in the black blue cycle theme hes a decent hitter even

  • Robert FakeLastName

    you think this will go in new perspectives as a way to stall?