Omniscience - MTG M13 Spoiler


  • Color: Blue
  • Type: Enchantment
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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You may cast nonland cards from your hand without paying their mana costs.

  • Maxevans2000

    this is going in my grixis control edh deck all the way it is so good wow

  • Agentpaper

    Shouldn’t this be Omnipotence?

    • Red+x+-09

      Jace = Blue = Mind

  • Rottencadaver187

    an expensive Rooftop Storm for everything but lands, and not just zombies. Would go REALLY well with Mind Unbound out and building up, throwing out lots of free stuff per turn, if unanswered and if you havent won yet. Of course, thats something to think about in Commander.

  • elfire

    HOLY SHTTTTTTTT think if you found a way to reduce the mana cost it would be insane!!

  • guest

    Tempest medallions are getting reprinted….. just a thought for something to get the casting cost down on this thing

  • Captmorgan96

    So good but why 10 at most I would accept 6 mana

    • Guest

       6 Mana to not pay for spells anymore?

      Not exactly one for balance are you?

      • Captmorgan96

        Um Wild Evocation, Omen Machine both at six mana Quicksilver Amulet at 4. At 10 mana it’s unplayable.

        • GreenDecker

          Those cards you don’t have much control of which card you get to play for free. This one on the other hand is giving you free reign. so you just proved right there it SHOULDN’T be 6 mana, but more. If you are going to make a point, please don’t defeat yourself while making it

          On another note, 10 mana is expensive but I bet people will find plenty of ways to cheese it out instead. Also not all cards are meant for tourney play as main focus


          • Captmorgan96

            There are ways to control what you play with those cards however name a card that let’s you cheat out an enchantment if your going to talk about defeating yourself when you argue you probably shouldn’t be a hypocrite.

          • SilverAlex

            Show and tell

            Hyper genesis
            Dream Halls 

            All of those card allow you to cheat an enchantment into play, and are/were legacy staples, being show and tell the strongest.

            Happy? For the quicksilver amulet you have to pay 4 (which btw isnt free) for each creature and can only be used once per turn.
            Wild Evocation allows to play for free the top card of your library, but then again its just once per turn, and doesn’t do shit the turn you play.

            Omniscience doesn’t limit to just one creature per turn (amulet) and doesnt limit to just the top card of your library (evocation) but instead allows to play EVERYTHING IN YOUR HAND FOR FREE, add a couple of ways to draw cards and you can easily play your whole deck the very momment it hit play, if you still think that your both of your examples are at the same level power than this card then please explain your point, because so far you only thing you have accomplished  is showing your ignorance about the meaning of the phrase “play without paying their mana cost” in this game.

          • Captmorgan96

            Wild Evocation is from your hand dipwad omen machine is from the top of of your library omen machine is also great against decks that just want to draw because it prevents drawing 10 mana is simply too expensive in any format I don’t know what kind of kitchen table games you hopefuls are playing that let you even have that much mana but in actual tournaments your opponents wouldn’t even let you get 7 lands

          • Nikwoj

            You are absolutely right.  Ten mana is too expensive for any format.  So how about Show and Telling it into play for 3?  And instantly winning the moment it hits the table?

          • Captmorgan96

            The more talk show and tell gets the more likely wizards will look back see that it’s too good with any big expensive card and ban it

          • Fhgfgf

             lost auramancers
            suck it

        • Nikwoj

          This lets you play all, let me repeat that, ALL spells, including counter spells (think force of will, counterspell, mana leak) for FREE.  Also, card draw draws into more card draw which draws into Griselbrand which draws fourteen into win. =D

          • Captmorgan96

            Grisslebitch should be able to kill before that

    • Terryje

      This was probably made for Commander, where it will be banned next month.

  • Segle

    play with show and tell

    • Johnny the Fox

      My thoughts exactly.  Designers need to remember older cards and realize that exorbitant mana cost can’t be the only drawback on a card like this.  Blue of all colors should not get to do something this potentially broken.  Mythics are terrible for the game of Magic because it allows designers to think to themselves that cards like this are okay.  The lack of text on this card isn’t elegant, it is horrible, no good, terribad, Maro level design.

  • Ethral

    It’s a very nice card and it deserves it’s mana cost i’d rate it a 5/5.

  • Cheesebox

    B/U deck Liliana of the dark realms with this… Bad A

  • George Zapatos

    Guys, anyone who hates on this card is wrong. Expect it to be featured in an 8xDreamHalls.dek. In legacy. Very soon. And I don’t think it’ll be banned in commander; Worldfire has a better chance at that. Omniscience, depending on how good the deck can get, might become very widely played in Legacy. Remember Dream Halls? I do.

  • Captmorgan96

    How often is primal surge played NEVER same as this card will recent 10 drops like this don’t work

    • George Zapatos

      I assume you’re talking about standard here. For your information, this will see lots of play in EDH and some play in Legacy at least. And by the way, Primal Surge is played in casual. I’m sure a Timmy-Johnny casual player will get blown out of his mind when he opens this card. Moral: Don’t talk about what you don’t know.

      • Captmorgan96

        Even in EDH at least the people I play against will kick your ass before you get to 7 and casual players will play any thing no matter how terrible it is this card is impossible to play in any competitive format and at 10 mana it’s bad moral: don’t talk like you know everything if you can’t back it up right

        • Erfdgdf

          This guy lives in a world where people don’t sit on nevinyrral’s disk waiting for things to get real. Also, anything running green can get to 7 by turn 4 easily.

          • guest

             With the right hand you could pop this shit by turn 3 in Legacy.  I think it most certainly could do plenty of raping in the format!

          • Captmorgan96

            Dude with the right hand you can play 12/12 Furyborn Hellkite on turn 2 in any format and since your screen name is guest i’m disregarding your comment completely

          • Ryuden Tamarashi

             and with the right hand you can use the insta win protean hulk combo, so whats you point? the guest was just pointing out that it is something that oculd happen, so chew a bit your chill pill.

            and as for your views towards casual players, i myself am a casual player and will only play things that are either breakable, or crazy/stupid enough to work. and as i’ve once heard say by a pro tour top 8, there are no bad rares/myths, just different uses for them. while i would agree that this is probably out of the running of a PT, i can see it causing Chaos in many other formats, especially a well built EDH.

            and just before you go on the bant about ‘bad casual players’ if you feel the need to do so that is, id like to mention a certain Caw-blade deck that i have, repeatably, blown away with a simple little deck i threw together based off thunderous wrath, delvers, and deck checking/instant speed draw cards.

          • Captmorgan96

            If there’s no bad mythics or rares than explain wrack with madness and tower if calamities and the fact that you are using cawblade means that you Atleast know what good decks have been good where as I’m talking about the casual players that play anything and don’t net deck the ones that still play vanilla cards

          • Ryuden Tamarashi

             im fairly certain wrack with madeness is a common -_-. i believe you mean Descent into madness, while im not saying its a good card, it isnt neccisarily a bad card. for instance, an interesting green /white ramp deck ive encountered ran enduring ideal, descent into madness, and Barren Glory. with alot of their mana ramping coming from creature sources to use as meat shields (he seemed to love using overgrown battlements).

            as for Tower of Calamities, it is, again, not a good card, but not a bad card either. 12 damage for 8 can be great, and even though you can say, but its only to a creature! well, stuffy doll says hi. as for leading into it, once again a purely mana ramp/heavy defense green deck can bring it about well, using fogs and the like to stall efficiently.

            while i agree that these are not at all competitive ideas, and are really just casual decks, they can still have a good place within magic, and thats what makes them not bad cards.

          • Captmorgan96

            Dude ramp can suck my Dick

        • Greendecker

          must be playing all aggro or combo decks…try thinking “Control deck” that could help you figure out why this will see EDH play

  • Shasta Lite

    Blue is already a powerful enough color, especially in EDH with card draw and counter-magic; and then they print this card. It is alright though, you will see it next to Griselbrand and the ban hammer in a month or so in EDH. It just frustrates me how lead developers let powerful cards like this pass through final say just to get banned, and on top of that they give it to blue of all colors. This card, for me, just seems to unfair to play against in Commander.

    • It’s not going to get banned. It costs 10 mana for goodness sakes. Spells that cost 10 mana SHOULD nearly or outright win you the game. Except, this one relies heavily on actually having things in your hand to cast. So what if they cast their hand? It’s not like it guarantees a win. It’s on the same level as Time Stretch (take 2 extra turns).

  • Char936

    how dose this card work with x cost?
    like primordial hydra?

    • Wiseguy

      X will be considered 0 if you play it “without paying its mana cost”

      • Char936

        oh ok so it would just go into the graveyard rite?

      • Wisdomseyes

        If it is a 0/0, yes.

        You will have to pay mana to used x cards.

  • Timmytomlink

    THIS CARD WILL SEE LEGACY PLAY WITHOUT A DOUBT. not realistic in standard but will be a staple in a few decks.

    • Wisdomseyes

      Tamiyo’s ultimate makes ponder thought scour broken, this isn’t needed if you manage to get tamiyos ult off

      • Greendecker

         Try splashing Green and maybe some red? Now you got mana ramp, access to bolt-like spells, now able to fog, and counter spell until you win or your opponent stomps off mumbling “fucking cheater” under their breath. Tamiyo has made my friends quit mid-game just because of her ult usually gets me infinite black mana (in casual with a simple dark ritual) and then I start my Murder spree.

  • I want to make a semblance anvil enchantment deck this card would make it so fun and so worth it.

  • Lightningrod14

    Well hush my mouth.

  • Captmorgan96

    Hey guys remember when I said desolate loothouse was too slow and people found out the hard way this is apperently a repeat of that

    • Wisdomseyes

      How is a Land ever “too slow”

  • Char936

    just think guys tamiyo ult and this card…. broken?

    •  in standard no. too expensive and alot of cards that would make it cheaper are leaving the format.

  • Wisdomseyes

    I got excited with this cards art, it was my steam profile art :) and the effect itself means… Eh… I see EDH using it but 10 mana is almost always unrealistic

  • Guy

    This card reminds me of temporal mastery- lots of hype with lots of “if I get the right hand” and i combo it into play. Legacy would rather play show and tell, sneak attack and hell, dreams hall over this. Sure Casual and edh will see play, but not a format changer. Simply put; over hyped

  • Vintersjel2002

    Combo this Enter the Infinite OMG

    • JT

      Then throw Labratory Maniac out with a hand full of counter and draw spells lol