• Kevan Kramer

    Why did it have to have the green mana symbol for it’s 2nd effect? It was good enough without that effect anyways. Now this card can only be run in U/G/X EDH decks.

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      There’s an enchant from M15 that does pretty much the same thing, if you really want it.

      • Kevan Kramer

        I care about the clue tokens is all.

        • Tommy Yagami

          They had a Black enchantment which gave Skulk to everything, but they added a White activated ability, so now it can’t be used in U/B unblockable EDH. Wizards, why!?

  • MrAptronym

    U/G investigate and ramp deck? Some kind of slow long term strategy? I am just thinking casual right now, but that combined life-gain investigate is a potent combination for winning a grindy game. I think this is a card people will underestimate.

  • kmk888

    Another good limited card. Draft these when you can support the ability.

    The art: Is that a voodoo doll?

    • MrAptronym

      Pretty sure it is, it’s a doll of some sort anyway. I wonder if that has any connection to the plot, seems more like this card is just pointing towards a missing child sort of side story.

      • Atarka Effreet

        Twins of Maruer estate!

    • Nyx

      Probs. This is the cursed plane that produced creepy doll after all

  • yolksoup

    Poor man’s Thopter Spynetwork, good for limited

  • Vizzerdrix

    The sects abilIty is much more interesting to me then investigatingthough it is nIce

  • A Simple Moose Token

    The flavor is just spectacular in this set. Seriously. Pretty much every card so far has been awesome in that department. This one’s just average in comparison and it still blows past the mark.

    • Hedronal

      That’s what Innistrad is for.