• MTG fan

    God, Wizards! Just make an another lightning strike or chain lightning, or something.

  • ChaosEngineer

    Why do you do this wizards? I get you feel lightning bolt is to powerful for standard and limited but now lightning strike/searing spear too? When will this reverse power creep for burn spells end???

    • Kahai

      When players stop complaining about burn being too strong. Just like counter spells will get better when players stop saying they ruin the game. lol jk players will never stop complaining. WotC should honestly just print the better cards.

  • Shagoth

    Now I’m getting pissed off. This is pathetic, it’s almost sickening, but then I realize it’s a money making card game so I shouldn’t be too offended. I know a certain cat won’t be as happy as his name lets on.

  • Hedronal

    I’m assuming that WotC just doesn’t want Lightning Strike to be around literally all the time.

  • Happy The Cat

    ha… ha ha.. I mean, white can exile creatures with a one mana combat trick, but red? better make them pay 3 to deal with anything. that makes sense.
    we now pay the same amount of mana to bolt as we would to cast Murder. I just dont understand. 3 damage to board or face is worth 1.5 mana, Junk now has creatures bigger than 3/3s for that much but we have to pay double that to burn 3.

    • Vando

      im assuming you’re referring to Time to Reflect, which is a terrible comparison to lightning bolt. An extremely conditional COMBAT trick is nothing near the power of lightning bolt. We’re never gonna get lightning bolt back in standard so you just gotta accept it. That card was bonkers and terrible to play against in standard. Murder does kill more creatures than this but murder doesn’t deal damage to the player. Giving the option is all the difference. Do I kill their creature or do I swing all out and deal that extra 3 damage to them for the win. 1.5 mana is maybe worth 3 damage to the board or face as a sorcery but as an instant …No Way, that’s nuttsy cockoo.

      • Shagoth

        Three mana for lightning bolt is still insulting. Two mana for lightning bolt is fair to me.

      • Happy The Cat

        1 not saying bolt should get a reprint, what I’m saying is we shouldn’t be getting three mana versions of it, there are many other ways to make up that .5 mana than just tacking on mana. 2 would it really be so bad if we were to get bolt back? after turn 3 there isn’t much three damage can kill, so without a soul-scar mage or something lightning bolt starts turning into lava spike

        the reason bolt is such a good card is, as I said, three damage at instant speed is worth 1.5 mana, being one mana is what makes bolt so great, but what if we add”when a creature dies this turn, your opponent draws a card” or ” whenever an opponent takes damage this turn, you lose 3 life” now you are adding on costs that can be interacted with, instead of just adding mana cost. this is one thing that game designers in general need to learn, instead of making something weaker or making it cost more, increase the punish that can be done against the effect. don’t cut off it’s legs and call it a day, make it fightable, interactable, make it so the person using this beatable not because they are weaker then they once were, but because a better player can know how to fight them.

  • Robert FakeLastName

    burn certainly has fallen a long way.