• Derek Niles

    this actually seems really good

  • Robby

    Well, that looks fun. Not sure if it will fit anywhere, but it looks fun.

    • Polis_Ohio

      Yea, agreed. EDH probably and definitely a strong limited card (I think at least, based on what I’m seeing from this set.)

  • Ryan Sullivan

    Pretty good for my simic aggro. Good in a sideboard.

  • Jake Miller


  • Teddy Gillespie

    Good way to end a game of limited

  • Cynical Bastards

    is this good enough for infect?
    probably not but cool card

  • Shawn Michael Diaz

    Feels like they’re trying to push tricks that can win you the game with creatures.

  • Nick Art

    It’s got potential, that’s for sure.

  • Hedronal

    I’m surprised this wasn’t spoiled sooner, given the timing of the minor event in the story.