Oppressive Rays - Journey into Nyx Spoiler

Oppressive Rays

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Enchant creature

Enchanted creature can’t attack or block unless its controller pays 1 Mana.

Activated abilities of enchanted creature cost 1 Mana more to activate.

  • Pepo


  • Kazdrax

    An interesting card, very steep tax. Probably best played early. Its only W to play against probably a 1-3 CMC creature. Its not worth to pay 3 mana to attack or block most of the time, and its not worth using a card to destroy the enchantment when there are probably more important enchantments to destroy. Its comparable to chain to the rocks, but pay 3 to suspend the effect and doesn’t require a mountain (so esper can use it).

  • kmk888

    This is certainly not the best card in the set. Not even close. But it might very well be my favorite. I plan to run this in standard with soul tithe, maybe detention sphere, and any other obnoxious enchantments I can get my hands on. Probably throw some of the constellation mechanic in there too

  • ÆtherSlayer

    Use this on Ætherling… If it doesn’t flicker when u cast it, removal is easy.